Vintage Treasuries at Modes

An afternoon of hunting vintage treasuries..

This afternoon I met up with my friend Johanna at Modes to look for vintage treasuries. The sun was out and since it’s “fete de la musique” in Bruxelles, there was music playing a bit everywhere around town.

When I arrived to Modes, Johanna was already diving in to the rows of lovely dresses and as I was not really looking for anything special I just walked around the shop while she was in the fitting-rooms. Suddenly I saw it, the answer to the dilemma of having to find a new bag to replace my beloved but tired old Delvaux-bag. It was the exact same bag that I was wearing, a vintage Delvaux that looked brand new. Everyone working in the shop was a stunned as I was and it was clear that it was my lucky day..

Modes_03 Modes_05 Modes_04

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