Train day – Going from Bruxelles to Ath

Train day - waiting for the train

Train day in Belgium

Going from Bruxelles to Ath by train..

A train day in Belgium. One sunny late summer day, we decided to have a little travel. Going from Bruxelles to Ath by train is quite pleasant. I love taking the train, seeing the city from another perspective and later arriving to the lovely Belgium countryside. This is a perfect country to travel by train and it’s quite small as well so you can get anywhere you wanna go within a few hours. A day like this gives some distance to the everyday life and you see things a little bit differently afterwards..

The best time to travel is the weekend. The tickets are cheaper and you are free to travel the whole country for no price at all. Belgium has many great cities to visit, Antwerp, Gent and many more. Be sure to take the train next time you are in Belgium.

looking out the window

Train day - on the train

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