Todays outfit and some inspiration for autumn


Todays outfit and todays inspiration

Todays outfit and some inspiration for autumn..

Todays outfit is an autumn look for with much thought of comfort and a little fun as well. I also wanted to share my favorite tune at the moment. It’s Duke Ellington – Chloe. A perfect piece of music for inspiration and creativity.The book I wanted to recommend is What I talk talk about when I talk about running, by Haruki Murakami. It’s a very inspiring and personal story about the writers running habits and how he organizes his life and his routines around physical exercise and writing. Todays outfit is: Jeans by G-Star, Boots by Dr Martens, Black top by Åhléns, Floral top by La petite nina.

Todays-Outfit-November_06 Todays-Outfit-November_05 Todays-Outfit-November_02 Todays-Outfit-November_07 Todays-Outfit-November_03 Todays-Outfit-November_04

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