Perhaps it’s during the quiet times that we should share our thoughts..

thoughts about life

Thoughts about life..

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It’s inevitable to question our own existence and how we spend our time. With a society that’s so focused on success and productivity, it’s easy to get lost or feel lost if you don’t fit in to the image of success. I find myself thinking about directions these days and I ask myself what lives I admire. More often than not, the people that I admire were not exactly focused on their careers or accumulating wealth. Thoughts about life inevitably brings me to worry about the environment and ignorance in general. I also find it’ difficult to find the good tools to deal with those questions in a positive way. While many worries are turning in my mind, I have a few small projects going during these quiet days. Many times I feel that we only hear about people who are in the spotlight and on top of life in a way. There is nothing bad about that but I feel like we need to share our thoughts even when we are not on top.

At the moment I am very concerned about the deforestation as well as plastic pollution, climate change such as extreme heat waves, massive storms and drought, air pollution in the big cities. I am from the north of Sweden and the nature, especially the forest played an important role in my childhood. When I moved to the big city during my teenage years, I missed the nature and the open space that you can’t so easily find in a city. A few weeks ago I started growing more plants in my home, to create a green oasis for myself. I was aware that you can cut parts of your potted plants and place them in water until they develop roots and then plant them in the earth. I actually never tried this before but now I have and in only one month, I successfully planted 3 new plants. This little planting project has been a great new fascination for me and I look forward to increase the number of plants in my home.

With our media obsessed society, it’s sometimes great to disconnect completely and enter into a world where non of that exists. Lately I have been craving books in a way that has not happened since I was 12 years old. Therefore I have selected a couple of novels to read. Some of them I read when I was younger but they were memorable in such a way that I am curious to find out if I still will perceive them in the same way as I did then. Mostly I’ve discovered that the book is very different for me now, than what it was 15 years ago. It’s a quite satisfying discovery..

Even quiet times are filled with content and thoughts about life. Perhaps it’s not full of energy and great solutions but maybe the search is interesting too. It’s certainly important to take the time for contemplation in between.


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