The world is this..

The world is this, right here with me. What I understand is the local weather.. todays light rain and high grey sky, the sound of the neighbors moving furniture with a motor driven lift. The reality is my skin, the eyes that watch me in the mirror and the questions in my mind. The thought of wanting to understand someone who is very different, someone who does not think like me.

I am happy for the people who I could embrace this morning, and I am happy that we meet again when our days have played out.. I am curious to hear about their experience. I wonder what the expectations could be for others, what they wish a day to bring and what will make a person look back and smile to the thought of the events that came along the timeline.

I was scared today, I was also light and able to do different choices that made me feel in control of my body. It´s still early so much can happen..

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