The Saint-Gillbillies at Old Oak

The Saint-Gillbillies played at the Old Oak in Bruxelles and it was a gig to remember..

Matt Graves

Matt Graves at the double base, slapping with texan rhythm.

The Saint-Gillbillies had plenty of new songs that they played for the first time and they were performed with great energy. Even though the audience where half busy with following some football game, they still succeeded to get their attention thanks to the female persuasionĀ of Caro.. As the group was setting up for the gig, I succeeded to get some nice group pictures of them.

The Saint-Gillbillies

Benny boy entertaining the female voices, Flo and Caro

Lucky at the drums

Lucky unpacking the drums

Mr Slick

Mr Slick’s Record Hop takes a break to play with the band.

Matt Graves

The singer is warming up to entertain

Old Oak Bruxelles

Preparing for group pictures outside the Old Oak in Bruxelles.


Caro is dressed to the night in bright polka dot’s

Visit their facebook page here..

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