Taking care the natural way

When it starts to get cold outside and we tend to feel cold, tired and lazy.. it´s more important then ever to make sure that we take good care of our selves, our body and our mind. I thought that I would share some of my favorites with you and perhaps you will discover some trix that you did not know about..

Let´s start with some things that we should eat or drink for simple reasons. In the winter-time, we tend to stay more still and more inside, we receive less light and exercise and therefore we have less energy. I think that we are in the period when we need to be most concerned with how we treat ourselves. Some keys are just eating and sleeping regularly, trying not to eat too much sugar and to make sure that we have an exercise  routine that gives all the body some attention.

Keep on kissing!.. During the winter, many of us experience the problem of dry lips. My best solution to this is rice-milk with added calcium! Don´t ask me why this one works better than anything else but it just does. One glass a day and the problem is gone.

Natural nuts is a great way to get important vitamins and fats. No need to eat huge amounts but a few per day will help, not only your hair will get stronger, but it also helps you to get warmer by raising your body temperature. Good snack simply!

For those of us who have problems with sugar/alcohol/yeast addictions, a great solution is bicarbonate. You can find bicarbonate in most pharmacies and simply take a tea-spoon in a glass of water a few times per day to get your addictions under control. Nothing works better or faster!

Drink warm, and herbal tea´s is a great option for this season. I suggest a ginger-blend for the morning to help you and your digestive system to get some movement. Green tea is a good source for antioxidants, and for those days when we feel weaker, a great help is a Ginseng-tea. Flush out the colds with drinking and enjoy the couch in front of your favorite movie..
Another trick for the periods when you are in need of some extra energy is Arctic Root. In some countries you can find it in the pharmacy, otherwise it can be found on the Internet. This root helps you to get some energy and sharpness and it´s also a natural mood-elevator. Good stuff!

Skin, Hair & Body care is crucial at this time of year. I wanted to share some of my best tricks to keep your skin soft and your hair shining.

The best treat for your face is simply a natural yogurt face-mask. Apply a layer of natural yogurt and let it dry on your face before you rinse it off with warm water. There is no face-treatment that can compare results with this natural treat. Your face will receive the ph-value to avoid any spots or infections and it will be softer than a baby-but. You should try this immediately!

Another great tool for spots/herpes/mouth-wounds is Camomile tea. Dip a bag in warm water and hold it on the spot for a few minutes, a few times per day. This natural treatment works better than any cream from any pharmacy. Herpes has no chance against this!
Any skin-care starts with a good cleaning and I find that natural soaps are the best and cheapest. A good natural Propolis-soap for facial cleansing is my best trick. For the body I would choose a soap with more oil, such as a natural olive-oil soap. Hard soap is usually the cheapest and best option since it´s easy to use with a pealing or massage-glove, which also helps to increase the blood-circulation and therefore keeps us warm:)

This is my trick to shiny soft hair. This hair-mask can be found in pharmacies or in Bio-shops and it´s really the best one I have stumbled over. I use it once a week to add some moist and keep the hairs from breaking.

Seasonal must-have´s..
A warm body always starts with the feet. A comfortable pair of wool-socks and wool-slippers will do the trick for inside.

Don´t forget to keep the warmth inside when you go out. Wear a hat and a scarf and choose a good material that actually does the job. I would go for 100% eco-wool, and why not make it yourself.. A few evenings knitting with some candles and nice music is one of my favorite evening activities when it´s cold and dark outside.

Remember to enjoy the winter time. No other season is a better reason to relax with a good book, make nice dinners for special friends and family and remember to run outside whenever you can catch some sun on your face..

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