Steel poetry – Train photography from Svartöbrinken in Luleå


Steel poetry and Train Photography

Photography taken from Svartöbrinken in Luleå, Sweden.

Svartöbrinken in Luleå is home to 4 icebreakers and old railway and fabrics. This area is perfect the way it is, the old and rusty blending with nature in perfect harmony. The old LKAB buildings seams to be part of the landscape and nature does what it want’s. This is one of my favorite place to find beauty, peace and inspiration. The fact that it’s located in my hometown is fantastic. I love to come here when I am visiting, summer as winter. This place always has something special to tell me.

Ice_breakers_Sweden_01Isbrytare_svartöbrinken_Luleå_03LKAB_LuleåLuleå_LIKAB_Sweden_03Train photographyGamla_malmhamn_LKAB_Luleå_02old_railwayLKAB_railway_luleåOld_railway_old_trains_08Train photographyTrain photographyGamla_malmhamn_LKAB_Luleå_svartöbrinken_03Gamla_malmhamn_LKAB_Luleå_svartöbrinken_06Isbrytare_svartöbrinken_Luleå_04Luleå_Svartöstan_01

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