Single Apartments that I once lived in..

Stockholm-Single Apartments

Some of the lovely single apartments that I once lived in..

I found some old pictures while I was visiting my parents in Sweden and I decided to share some of them with you..

The first pictures are from a single apartment in Stockholm, where I lived briefly before moving to Bruxelles. I spent a few nights there when I was visiting Stockholm over the past years. It was quite lovely actually. I remember the bathroom fondly. It had one of those old and charming shower handles that you hang on a hook..
The other pictures are from my very first apartment in Bruxelles. I have lived in many places here but this was the first place I had to myself.
It was not of the highest standard and there was only one heater for two rooms and kitchen. The toilet was in the public stairs and the shower in the kitchen. Still it turned out quite great and I had some nice times there.
What I loved most about it was the view from the living-room window where you could see the rooftops of all Bruxelles.
It’s really nice to see the old pictures but in the end I am really happy that I live where I live today. It’s the best place so far..

Bruxelles-Single Apartments
Bruxelles-Single Apartments_kitchen

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