Patty Smith & “Just Kids”

Her autobiography “Just Kids” have opened my eyes for Patty Smith..

I wanted to tell you about it the other evening but I will do it now. I Think that at least for my generation, the book “Just Kids” comes just in the good moment. It’s funny how well I know the name Patty Smith, without knowing anything about her. I am sure that I have heard her music, but I would not be able to sing you a single tune if you asked me. When I am reading her book though, I feel as if she has sent me a personal invitation to her personal sphere and I am honored to have passed a few hours there.

It all started at the airport in Stockholm where we landed to sleep for a night before to continue to our holiday destination, Grand Canary Island. I love to take the opportunity to read, once I am on holiday and that’s why I was determined to find a book that would suit my idea about holiday reading. After the breakfast I rushed to the “pocket shop” but my mind was focused on books that I wished that I hadn’t already reed. The woman who was working the morning shift noticed my desperate and stressed search so she came to offer her assistance. After I presented her my early morning dilemma, she purposed me a few options, first the titles that I wish I could have un-reed somehow. After these unfortunate attempts to help me, she picked up “Just Kids” together with 2 or 3 other titles, but I decided to pick this one and then I rushed to get some water for the 6 hour flight that was ahead.

This story is about Patty Smith’s autobiography “Just Kids” but that’s about as far as I will go in terms of revealing any content in this private sphere. If you have a chance to go there, I certainly hope that you will recognize some of your own disasters and moments of clarity described with pure and clear writing.

If you are looking for what to read, the best and most inspirational reading and best book of the year is to me clearly “Just Kids” by Patty Smith.

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