New chapter, new location

A new chapter is indeed starting and once again a new location. I am leaving the city for a small town in the province of Wallonia. It will certanly be an adventure, and oh.. did I mention that I am pregnant, with twins. So, as I said.. New chapter, new location..

Being pregnant has so far been quite amazing. I have felt very good and I have been able to maintain a yoga routine as well as daily long walks. Due to the current lock down in Belgium, me and Ben have had much more time together than we would have had if life was normal. We have had long mornings, playing gentle music to the growing belly, and payed daily visits to the park. The lock down has also made many things more complicated. Declaring paternity has been an administrative challenge but today we finally had our RDV at the commune. The weather this morning was beautiful and I dressed up slightly for the occasion, in a new spacious orange dress, my blue La petite nina- coat and a blue scarf. It felt somehow very special as Ben picked me up at the door. The first official declaration that the babies are arriving and that they are part of us.

This pregnancy has opened up for many questions that I have never before thought to reflect over. The question of how to birth my babies is certainly one of the biggest questions in a woman’s life. Even before the news of the pregnancy, I have been drawn to the concept of HypnoBirthing. Oddly enough the things that have been most frightening to me about birthing is all the things surrounding it, epidurals, IV’s and so on. Even though I was confronted with these questions, I wished that they were not part of the subject of birth.

I find that once you start searching along a path, new roads and opportunities present themselves. I came in contact with people who had much to share on the subject of natural birth. I found great reading material and was referred to the right people. I now feel as though we have selected the right hospital for the birth of our twins, a hospital that focuses on natural birth and a doctor who will support me and my HypnoBirthing preparations.

There will certainly be more to share on this subject during the spring and early summer, so stay tuned for more baby-talk..

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