Let’s talk about natural soap

Let's talk about natural soaps babe

All about natural soap and what they are good for.

Natural soaps like savon de Marseille and savon d’Alep are wonderful choices for cleaning but they are also good for your health and wellbeing as well as the environment. I would like to talk a little bit about natural soap as replacement for your shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, as well as hand soap, laundry soap and household cleaning product. This might sound a little extreme at first but after trying, you will soon be convinced that this is what you should have used all along.

I have always been using shower gel, shampoo and conditioner and after my shower I used moisturizer for my skin, but about a year ago something happened. I felt troubled by allergies and soon I discovered that I needed to find an alternative to my habitual products. I had heard about Savon d’Alep and decided to give it a try. I used it to wash my body and my hair and the result was very satisfying. I no longer needed to use moisturizer as the natural soap did not dry out my skin. My hair felt soft and strong and the my natural hair color intensified.

natural soap

Savon d’Alep has replaced all other products in my shower. I no longer need different bottles with strange ingredients to get clean. I use the natural soap for everything, including my hair. As the natural soap has a high ph-level, it’s very efficient for removing dirt without drying out your skin or scalp. Your skin and scalp is producing it’s own moisturizer to keep your skin and hair healthy. There is no need to remove all of that with products containing alcohol, only to add it back by using moisturizers when your skin and hair is dry and damaged. Savon’d’Alep can be found in most towns these days and there are a few different alternatives. My personal favorite is Nijel’s Aleppo Soap 40% for sensitive skin.

Savon de Marseille is another traditional natural soap that can be found almost everywhere. It’s a great soap for washing your hands as it’s very efficiently removing dirt and grease without drying out your skin. This soap can also be used for cleaning those really challenging things like your gas-stove or on top of your fridge. Usually i rub in some Savon de Marseilles in my kitchen sponge and it removes almost anything with little effort. This soap is also rather cheap and lasts long so not only is it a good option for your skin and the environment, it’s also excellent for the wallet.

natural soap - savon de marseille

Doing the laundry with soap flakes is my new thing. Soap flakes from Savon de Marseille can be found in bio-shops and in some supermarkets. It’s often the cheapest option but perhaps the best. Natural soap gives your laundry a fresh and natural scent. It’s the best option for people with allergy or sensitive skin and most importantly, it cleans your laundry very well. Many times you can find soap flakes in large paper bags. If you are on a plastic-diet as many people nowadays, this is a great option for avoiding unnecessary plastic packaging in your home. The soap flakes go directly inside the washing machine and 1 – 2 tablespoons is usually good for a full machine of laundry.

Many shower gel’s, shampoos and conditioners contains ingredients that will dry out your skin and hair. They also contain allergens, such as silicone and perfume, as well as allergy provoking substances. If you are experiencing allergic reactions to your shower or beauty products, take a look at this article that talks more about allergens in beauty care products. Natural hard soaps are the cleanest option for the one who has allergic problems or sensitive skin. I hope this article gave you some inspiration and courage to try something new.

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