Movie star glamour of the golden days

Let’s get inspired by movie star glamour¬†of the golden days..

When I think of those glamorous women on the black and white screen, I am always taken by how elegant and refined they look. Their hair is always perfectly done and the clothing looks luxurious, even if it’s only a simple suit. Let’s have a look at movie star glamour at it’s very best best.¬†These women truly had great style so let’s get some inspiration from them..

Greta-Garbo Movie star glamour

Greta Garbo comes first to mind, perhaps because she is swedish.. Her simple and glamorous look is truly something extraordinary.

Loretta-Eyes Movie star glamour

Loretta Eyes, a woman that I am not too familiar with, but this beautiful woman can not be ignored.


Marlene Dietrich really brings a powerful and feminine look forward. However dark and melancholic, she still stands for great style.

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