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Maternity skirt outfit

This maternity skirt outfit is a long skirt with elastic waist paired with a racerback silk top

I gave this maternity skirt as a gift to my beautiful pregnant cousin. She is carrying her second child and was looking for some comfortable clothing that could work during the pregnancy. This maternity skirt is perfect throughout the whole pregnancy and after the pregnancy it’s simply a long skirt. In the photos, she is wearing the long skirt together with a racerback silk top. Shop the look online. Shop the look online. You can find the skirt here, and the racerback silk top here.

Black-Maternity-skirt-long-skirt-handmade-by-la-petite-nina-04 Black-Maternity-skirt-long-skirt-handmade-by-la-petite-nina-09 Black-Maternity-skirt-long-skirt-handmade-by-la-petite-nina-03Black-Maternity-skirt-long-skirt-handmade-by-la-petite-nina-05Black-Maternity-skirt-long-skirt-handmade-by-la-petite-nina-08Black-Maternity-skirt-long-skirt-handmade-by-la-petite-nina-06Black-Maternity-skirt-long-skirt-handmade-by-la-petite-nina02

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