Making a wedding dress

making a wedding dress

A special dress is even more special if you make it your self..

Making a wedding dress is a very special thing and it’s probably the most important dress that you will ever wear. My good friend Ammeri got married to her man Barry a few weeks ago. After their lovely wedding, it’s finally time to share a special moment of preparation before the big day.

Ammeri loves handcrafts and putting her creative mind to work so she decided to make her own wedding dress out of a lovley old dress that was hanging in her closet. The dress had a beautiful fabric and a unique style but it needed a few changes in order to fitĀ for the occasion. The skirt part of the dress was already beautiful but the top was not quite fitting correctly and the fabric was a little bit to tired to really live up to such a special day.

Ammeri asked me for help to think of a new top design that would blend in with the skirt and after a few attempts, she was able to create a perfect pattern in silk that she could decorate with cut out’s on the shoulders.

On the wedding day, she was a beautiful bride in her handmade wedding dress and many guests where stunned by her beautiful work. She even found time to make a tie for her groom and small decorative accessories for the grooms men. In the end, handmade gives a personal touch to an event like this.

Ammeri was not the only one who worked hard to ad the personal touch. Her mother who came all the way form Finland to be at the wedding had been working on her own surprise. When the guests had enjoyed a fantastic dinner at a local bio restaurant, we all received a bag to take home and in the bag was a pair of hand knitted socks, one pair for each guest. This was certainly a memorable touch on a memorable day.

A lovely wedding experience and many beautiful memories. All the best to Ammeri and Barry and loads of happy times to come their way..


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