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Style and Beauty Icon Madonna

Let’s have a look at one of the biggest icons of our time, Madonna..

Madonna, one of the biggest and most inspirational style icons of all times. The woman with so may looks and personal style, Madonna, has truly been an big influence in fashion. She has worn just about everything you can imagine and she has made everything look great. When she designed for H&M a few years back, I was truly surprised by the clothing that she made. I was expecting something different and she came with this clean and sophisticated look in black and white. Hopefully she will continue to surprise for some time..

Her look has change and evolved for as long as she has been in the spotlight, and she has truly many faces, not only in clothing but also in beauty. Here you will find one of my favorite beauty shots of Madonna. That blond full curly hair in contrast to the accentuated eyes and eyebrows.

The jeans and t-shirt look with that punk edge that worked so well for her. I also really love to see some of these early pictures of her with interesting settings and a clear time influence. Her look in general works so well with her image, the hair and make up and the perfect accessorizes to really make this outfit pop. The very last image is how I remember getting to know Madonna, before she really captured everyones attention. A young woman with a very personal style, always fun and easy. Madonna as we first got to know her was a beautiful young woman with a great smile and from here she has grown to become one of our most loved style and fashion Icons.

Madonna-beauty shot Madonna-jeans-and-t-shirt Madonna-street-style Madonna-leather-jacket

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