Little black dresses – Handmade by La petite nina

Little black dresses in focus..

I have always been drawn to the classic’s when it comes to great style, and therefore I would like to take a moment to look back on the little black dresses. I only started la petite nina in 2011, and still I have managed to create and pass on quite a few lovely models. Here is my own history of the little black dress..


Starting with the very first model that I made.. It was a very simple and clean design but I do really like that in general and this one I used quite often.


This little black dress is a close second design, based on the first one but with improvements in the fit and flexibility of the garment. Still the design was simple and clean tailoring.


A little black dress with a bit of stretch is never a bad thing, especially in the winter time when you want to stay comfortable and warm. Easy to layer and easy to wear design. This was my third version..

Quite some time and experience came to me between the previous little black dress for winter and this next one..  The year between was filled with personal challenges on all levels. First came an abrupt and painful separation with my lover, along with some difficult health problems. I suppose those two go more or less hand in hand..

Any way, I came some how out on the other side of it and happily started a new creative process with new-found skills that had appear almost out of no where. My tailoring and pattern making skills had taken on a new level and this is also where the story of the little black dress continues..


This classic and at the same time casual version of the little black dress is the one that I proudly present on my Etsy-shop as a part of my permanent collection. I personally love the fit of this dress and It’s my base for any outgoing event.


After the classic silhouette, I was inspired by the design of the classic kimono and I decided to make a dress that was casual and elegant at the same time. As I wear all of my designs in my daily life, I can take this opportunity to tell you that this is the dress that I wear when I want to look chic in public waiting-rooms. I do say this with a smile, remembering feeling much too glamorous for the occasion!


This cut-out dress came as part of my spring collection 2013. I love the way it frames the back.. As my ballet teacher once told me, the most beautiful part of a woman is not her bust, neither her butt, but her back as it’s the part of the body that tells all the stories only by a tiny little movement or tension..


This short sleeved mini dress is a version of the previous, only without the open back. As the design was truly comfortable to wear, I wanted to make it in to a more casual and useful day dress.

As the story¬†continues, we are arriving to the present time. The last two dresses are new designs for fall 2013. They are both made in 100% cotton and fully lined to suit a colder climate. I want to mention that I was really happy to kind of fall on this fabric. A few weekends ago I was feeling kind of frustrated with everything and I asked my boyfriend and my “bonus son” Jules to come with me to the fabric store. They joined and I pretended not to notice the sounds and sighs that they gave along the way.. Finally there, I found this lovely fabric with slight details in the black, just subtile enough to stay elegant and luckily the boys where with me to help me carry the meters and kilos back home.


This is the first little black dress that I made from the fabric that I found. I wanted to create a model with a boat neck-line and a figure shaped silhouette. It’s certainly going to be a perfect number for an evening out when the temperature drops.


This final dress is one that I made just last friday. I am already in love with it and it has seen most of Bruxelles in one week. Sometimes I wonder how my boyfriend does it.. This time I remember jumping around the terrace for at least one hour, telling him how beautiful i look. Luckily he agreed.

There is nothing more rewarding that improving and moving forward. This is why I wanted to share this timeline with you. I hope you enjoyed the story and that you stop by again soon. I am my self quite curious on the dresses I will be sharing with you in the years to come. I hope they will be exceeding my imagination.

At last, I thought we could have a look at two lovely vintage designs that I have been lucky to come across. One of them are already sold to what I hope to be a satisfied new owner. The other one can still be found on my newly started vintage shop on Etsy. I finally felt that it was easier to separate the two categories and as I often come across lovely vintage finds here in Bruxelles, I decided to share them on a separate platform. Any way, here are the vintage numbers..


This lovely dress was difficult to list on my shop to sell. What more could you ask from a little black dress?


Here is the final little black dress of this story. A lovely silk dress with sparkling shoulder straps. Thank you to the beautiful model Caroline, who is featured below as she is a singer in my boyfriends band “The Saint-Gillbillies”.

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