Le Jardin Botanique à Bruxelles

Le Jardin Botanique, a friday walk in city nature..

A few phone calls concerning a walk in le jardin botanique and then a door opens.. A few smiles followed by a few what..what.. what?.. no, nothing. We take the road, picking some water from the corner shop and take the tram 92 that brings us all the way to the upper part of the jardin botanique.

What a lovely garden but it’s a shame that you hear the noise of the street. We look at the ducks and later we notice that the have made a bee keep in between the trees and bushes. It’s funny, once I wished that there would be no more bees in the world, and now I don’t mind them so much.

The road takes us from the top to the middle where we make a quick detour for administrative reasons.

Entering the lower part of jardin botanique we take a look at the fishes and the thoughts start wandering off. We have a conversation about falling in to water that you are not supposed to be in, for health reasons. Later we talk about nature reserves and water falls and we compare some experiences from France and Sweden. We look once again at the fishes that are alive and swimming around in the center of Brussels and then we take the road again..

Tree_01 la-petite-nina_01 Le_Jardin_Botanique_01 Lotus_02 Frog_01

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