Featured Icon – Jane Birkin


Beauty Icon Jane Birkin

Let’s have a look at some of Jane Birkin’s best looks..

Jane Birkin is one of my favorite style and beauty icons. I get a lot of inspiration from her effortless style and unique touch. Here I have selected a few of her most memorable looks..

I think one of the things I like the most about her style is that it’s so simple. The hair and make-up is always very basic and what really shines is her natural beauty. The way she dresses also complements her and does not take up too much of the focus. The fact that she chooses to dress in clothes that suits her personality and her body shapes, rally makes her that iconic timeless beauty.

936full-jane-birkin birkin-and-serge birking_basket jane_black-dress jane-birkin1 sieff-1970-serge-gainsbourg-et-jane-birkin-fb

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