Home and Closet Visit at Anne-Maria’s

Welcome to Anne-Maria’s lovely home, a place where flowers come to bloom..

As soon as you step foot in the door you realize that this is a home where flowers come to bloom. The home is in a lovely old industrial building that has been remade in to apartments. She lives here together with her boyfriend and they met in Bruxelles just a couple of years ago. Since then, they have lived for a year in Dublin since her boyfriend is form Ireland and they just recently moved back to town. Anne-Maria is a good friend of mine so I am truly happy that she is living 5 minutes away.

Anne-Maria is born in Finland, in a small town called Kankaanp√§√§. She visits her hometown when she goes back to Finland since her mother still lives there. She studied art in North Karelia, a town in the north of Finland, close to Russia. The art studies also brought her to St. Petersburg and Paris before she got her degree. She says that living in all these different places has opened up new sides in her and that it’s something that she will always carry with her. After her art degree, she moved to Bruxelles and got her business degree. Since then, she has worked and lived here.

I am really happy to feature her and her lovely home and I hope you will enjoy the visit..

Jackets_shoes_01 Old_wooden_desks_01 vintage-table-with-leather-chair_01 Fabric-and-patterns hallway_deco_01 Kitchen_01


Welcome to the kitchen..

The kitchen is a place where she spends a lot of time being creative. Anne-Maria is a vegetarian and has been for as long as she can remember. Weekends are spent in the markets, shopping for fresh bio vegetables for the week. When I visit her, she has just returned from the bio market with her boyfriend and she makes me a lovely lunch salad with bio fries.

We talk about creativity and inspiration and she tells me that she really enjoys the kitchen for exactly that reason. It’s a great way to let your creativity flow and it’s always nice to make the meal look as beautiful as it tastes. With her full time day job, it’s sometimes difficult to take on big projects in the free time. She loves art’s and crafts but at the same time she enjoys it as a hobby. In this way, she does not feel pressured in her creativity.

Kitchen_02 Kitchen---marimekko_01 Kitchen-terrace Beautiful-old-livingroom_01

Living room

The spacious living room is nicely furnished with vintage finds and new design pieces. Many of the furniture are found in second hand shops for no price at all. Still the room looks and feel very luxurious. Anne-Maria is just like me, a big fan of candles. The classic Finnish Ittala candle holders are placed in the center of the room, giving the space a cosy and warm atmosphere..

This kind of architecture is very difficult to find in the scandinavian countries. The high ceilings and the beautiful wood floors is a dream for a creative person like Anne-Maria, who loves interior design.

drift-wood-deco Beautiful-old-livingroom_04 Candles_ittala_02 Candles_ittala_01 Beautiful-old-livingroom_02 Beautiful-old-livingroom_03 window_white-curtains


Let’s have a look at the small but charming bathroom..

This space is really well decorated and I love the calm and southing feeling that you get when you step in here. The beautiful stones and decorative wood piece, along with the natural light flowing in from the garden, really makes this simple bathroom a dream space. Who would not wanna have a beauty day in here..

Orkide_02 Drift-wood-deco_01 Old-radiator_01 Stones_01 Kimono_dress_wall_deco_01


The simple bedroom is just above the hall entrance. We take the stair up from the kitchen to have a look..

This space has only the necessary elements of a bedroom. A futon bed, two nightstands with soft light and and that’s about it. Simple and beautiful! Waking up in the morning you have the view of the garden and the morning light coming in through the light white curtains..

Light_01 futon-bed white-robe_01 blue-coat_la-petite-nina


Last but not least, we took a dive in to her closet. Overfull with designer dresses and vintage treasuries, she found some favorites to share with us. Funny enough, she pulled out a collection of little black dresses, as if she knew that it was my favorites as well..

Anne-Maria has been involved with fashion in many ways. She has worked as a model in Finland and later as Assistant Designer for a Finnish designer in Paris. She also makes her own clothing designs and she loves to shop for fabrics, as well as designer clothing and vintage shoes and accessories.

As it’s autumn, we have a look at her newest purchase, a lovely black coat from 5th Avenue Shoe Repair. The blue coat that she is wearing is one of my new designs that Anne-Maria laid her eyes on at my place. It will soon be available to order in my shop..

Heels_dresses_jackets_01 Heels_01Coat-V-ave-shoe-repair_01black-dressesshoes_01blue-coat_la-petite-nina_01Jewelry_01Jewelry_02Jewelry_03Jewelry_04Home-outfit_knitted-socks-and-sweater_01

Thank you Anne-Maria for showing us your home!

Anne-Marias blog 3rooms+kitchen is a great lifestyle blog full of beauty and inspiration. Make sure to check it out!

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