A day in Antwerp

A day in Antwerp, Belgium

If you have never been to Antwerp, it’s well worth a visit..

Antwerp is a wonderful city trip destination. The town is full of beautiful architecture, art and culture. It’s also a big fahion-metropol with plenty of interesting shopping opportunities. Here you find all kinds of styles and prices for any budget.

We spent our day walking around a town that is about 1hour by car from Bruxelles. Still it´s a city that I have not explored much. Since my parents were visiting, we decided to use this slightly cloudy day to see something else than Bruxelles. One of the things that are so great about Belgium is that there are so many big cities close to each other that you are bound to find one that suits you. Antwerp is a city for the one who likes shopping, culture and surprises. If this is not a town of your taste, you should also visit Gent and Leuven..

Day in Antwerp

Day in Antwerp

Day in Antwerp
Day in Antwerp

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