Christmas Begins Today – 1st of December

christmas lights


♫ ♪ The Ramirez Brothers – I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

For all of us who love christmas and who still becomes a child when it’s time for the 1st of December, it’s officially the time to open the first door in the christmas calendar.

It’s the time to play good christmas music on the stereo while making little funny stuff like putting carnations in oranges for the right christmas scent and wrapping the early christmas gifts.

While I do really love this time of year, I am not really in to christmas decorations. The only things that I do care about is having some cosy christmas lights in the apartment and a smells that reminds me of my childhood. I light up candles a bit everywhere and enjoy this month that for me is a kind of break in the year. In a way it’s more relaxing than the summer holidays because you know that it’s cold outside and you might as well stay home with a glass of glue wine in front of a nice movie with the ones you love..


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