Making a wedding dress

making a wedding dress

Making a wedding dress

A special dress is even more special if you make it your self..

Making a wedding dress is a very special thing and it’s probably the most important dress that you will ever wear. My good friend Ammeri got married to her man Barry a few weeks ago. After their lovely wedding, it’s finally time to share a special moment of preparation before the big day.

Ammeri loves handcrafts and putting her creative mind to work so she decided to make her own wedding dress out of a lovley old dress that was hanging in her closet. The dress had a beautiful fabric and a unique style but it needed a few changes in order to fit for the occasion. The skirt part of the dress was already beautiful but the top was not quite fitting correctly and the fabric was a little bit to tired to really live up to such a special day.

Ammeri asked me for help to think of a new top design that would blend in with the skirt and after a few attempts, she was able to create a perfect pattern in silk that she could decorate with cut out’s on the shoulders.

On the wedding day, she was a beautiful bride in her handmade wedding dress and many guests where stunned by her beautiful work. She even found time to make a tie for her groom and small decorative accessories for the grooms men. In the end, handmade gives a personal touch to an event like this.

Ammeri was not the only one who worked hard to ad the personal touch. Her mother who came all the way form Finland to be at the wedding had been working on her own surprise. When the guests had enjoyed a fantastic dinner at a local bio restaurant, we all received a bag to take home and in the bag was a pair of hand knitted socks, one pair for each guest. This was certainly a memorable touch on a memorable day.

A lovely wedding experience and many beautiful memories. All the best to Ammeri and Barry and loads of happy times to come their way..

making_a_wedding_dress_05_1making_a_wedding_dress_07making_a_wedding_dress_03 making_a_wedding_dress_05 making_a_wedding_dress_01 making_a_wedding_dress_04 making_a_wedding_dress_02



The Perfect Summer Dress

perfect summer dress by La petite nina

The Perfect Summer Dress

Now available to order at La petite nina on Etsy.

Summer is finally here and we all need a perfect summer dress that is comfortable and easy to wear. I have recently come back to Bruxelles from a trip to Sweden. At the moment there is many things to do and many places to go. This dress has quickly become one of my favorites and I find my self slipping in to it, day as evening.

The dress is made in a comfortable and light cotton jersey. The matching headband is a fun accessory that brightens up the outfit. Simply throw on a pair of heels with and you have a great party outfit.

For more outfit’s and style inspiration, you can follow me on pinterest. The dress is handmade to order and available here!

perfect summer dress by La petite ninadress_low_back_la_petite_nina_08 dress_low_back_la_petite_nina_13 dress_low_back_la_petite_nina_15 dress_low_back_la_petite_nina_17 dress_low_back_la_petite_nina_09 dress_low_back_la_petite_nina_11




The Floral Vintage Fabric Dress


The Floral Vintage Fabric Dress

A one of a kind dress made from a vintage fabric from the 40’s..

Last week I found this lovely floral vintage fabric from the 40’s. It was so light but still quite heavy with a nice fall so I decided to make a summer dress.

Since I was only able to get my hands on a very limited amount of fabric, this dress is a one of a kind piece and it feels kind of wonderful to be able to use something that is so old and make something brand new with it.

floral-vintage-fabric-dress_06 Vintage_fabric floral-vintage-fabric-dress_03 floral-vintage-fabric-dress_05 floral-vintage-fabric-dress_04 floral-vintage-fabric-dress_02

Last days of the petite wool coat..


Last days of the petite wool coat

High collared petite wool coat for a simple and minimalist woman..

From this lovely blue quality wool I made two light and simple petite wool coats for winter viscose with satin lining. As these are the last days for wool coats, it’s time to share them with you before the spring flowers and the warm sun comes upon us..

I have always loved to shop for jackets and coats but it’s one of the things that I hesitate to make for my shop as it takes a lot of work and the materials are quite expensive. However, I decided to make a few petite wool coat samples of the styles that I love the most. I love clan and well fitted coats that are light to wear but that keeps you warm.

For this petite wool coat I have chosen a high collar to protect from the wind, and a straight fit that gives a classic and chic look. You can find all the handmade La petite nina coats here.


Petite wool coatHigh-collar-wool-coat_03High-collar-wool-coat_02High-collar-wool-coat_01

Maxi Dress & Blazer Outfit

Maxi dress outfit

Maxi dress outfit

News in my wardrobe.. Maxi dress outfit paired with a long blazer

Today has been about catching up, with work, with the home and whit my self. After one weeks holiday in a sunny Grand Canaria, I feel rested and ready to wait and prepare for spring. Before to leave we had been wise enough to clean and arrange the apartment so stepping in through the door was quite pleasant. Still after 4 years in the same place I always find our home so beautiful.

As I said, today was about catching up with work, home and my self. We have succeeded to fill up the fridge with food and to heat up our home but still the body is going through a rough transition from summer to winter in just a few hours. My skin is drying up and my nose started to run as soon as I stepped out of the plane.

Before the holiday, I had started some early work to transfer gently towards the coming spring. Today I have been busy with a photo-shoot all morning and in the afternoon I have gone through the pictures and prepared a few for my Etsy-shop. Today I have listed 5 new pieces, 2 skirts, 2 sweaters and one dress.

The maxi dress outfit paired with the long cotton blazer is the look that I have to purpose today. I find it wonderful to wear a comfortable and relaxed dress, layered with a blazer. The full length dress is perfect for both summer days and winter cold.

How was your day?


Blazer: One of a kind cotton blazer by La petite nina

Maxi Dress: Striped jersey maxi dress by La petite nina

Boots: 50th Anniversary Limited edition black leather boots made in Italy by Alberto Fermani


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays



What better way to start of happy holidays then to jump for joy. Soon it’s time to put work aside and spend some quality time with family and friends. As this period is usually the most stressful time of the year it’s nice to know that it’s over very soon and the fun begins.

I have almost done all of my christmas shopping. The gift wrapping is one of my favorite things to do for christmas. I play some nice christmas music and try to come up with a creative theme for how the gifts will be wrapped.

For christmas, I always like to keep it warm and cosy inside with loads of candles. Therefor it’s nice to wear something a little bit lighter inside. Here is a black party look that works for those of us who can turn up the heat. If you are lucky enough to have a working fireplace at home.. make sure to gather some wood and keep the fire going for the coming days.

Happy holidays everyone!


Todays Outfit – Vintage Floral Skirt

Vintage Floral Skirt



♫ ♪ Sarah Vaughan – Somewhere Over The Rainbow

A little feminine Monday outfit for the cold days. A lovely vintage floral skirt, paired with a light knitted sweater and vintage leather boots.

Even if the temperature drops and the days grow darker, you can still brighten up the day with some flowers and lighter colors. I love this a-line shaped skirt with a looser top. It’s feminine but still it has a relaxed feeling with a bohemian touch.

All of these pieces are vintage finds that I have been lucky to come across in city-markets in Bruxelles.


The Concert Shoe




It’s certainly not a new shoe, nor is it the nicest one.. but one thing is sure, it’s a loved one. Perhaps the concert shoe only has to blend in with your outfit to work for you. It could be the highlight of your look but let’s face it, you want to be able to enjoy your evening on your feet so comfort is important. This concert is clearly vintage inspired and the shoes are too. Some of them more real than others..

If I have learned one thing is that high heels do not belong in a concert, at least not if you are in the audience. You have to be ready to keep your balance and if you wanna dance, you don’t want your feet to keep you from having fun..

The-concert-shoe_01 The-concert-shoe_03 The-concert-shoe_05 The-concert-shoe_02 The-stage-shoe_01 The-stage-shoe_02 The-stage-shoe_03

Todays outfit and some inspiration for autumn


Todays outfit and todays inspiration

Todays outfit and some inspiration for autumn..

Todays outfit is an autumn look for with much thought of comfort and a little fun as well. I also wanted to share my favorite tune at the moment. It’s Duke Ellington – Chloe. A perfect piece of music for inspiration and creativity.The book I wanted to recommend is What I talk talk about when I talk about running, by Haruki Murakami. It’s a very inspiring and personal story about the writers running habits and how he organizes his life and his routines around physical exercise and writing. Todays outfit is: Jeans by G-Star, Boots by Dr Martens, Black top by Åhléns, Floral top by La petite nina.

Todays-Outfit-November_06 Todays-Outfit-November_05 Todays-Outfit-November_02 Todays-Outfit-November_07 Todays-Outfit-November_03 Todays-Outfit-November_04

Autumn outfit with pencil skirt – Handmade by La petite nina


Autumn outfit with a fitted pencil skirt and layered sweaters

This look is practical and warm with many layers, ideal autumn outfit.

Some autumn outfit ideas from my handmade clothes. Here I have chosen a fitted pencil skirt together with a silk blouse and a cotton knit sweater. Paired with flat boots and black leggings, this is a perfect outfit for the colder days coming. I find that layering pieces is a great option for keeping warm. If you go inside, it’s always easy to peal off a few layers. Shop the look online here. All pieces in this look are available to order through my Etsy-shop. You can choose to custom order your skirt,top or sweater, based on your measurements. All of my clothing are handmade in Belgium and ships worldwide. Happy autumn!
Pencil-skirt-outfit-for-autumn_05 Pencil-skirt-outfit-for-autumn_02 Pencil-skirt-outfit-for-autumn_08 Pencil-skirt-outfit-for-autumn_04 Pencil-skirt-outfit-for-autumn_03 Pencil-skirt-outfit-for-autumn_06 Pencil-skirt-outfit-for-autumn_07