Mother and daughter weekend in Copenhagen

First time in Copenhagen was a wonderful weekend that I spent with my mother. We both came from two different directions and met up at the airport in Copenhagen. We stayed in a nice apartment hotel in the very center of town. A great location with walking distance everywhere.

We were mostly there to relax a little bit and to enjoy walking around the town. We picked up asian street food for lunch and wondered through parks and endless little charming streets, full of cosy bars and café’s.

Copenhagen is a big town with a charming atmosphere. There is a lovely blend of architecture, both aged houses and new designs find their place side by side. Even though Denmark is quite known for design and fashion, this is still a very relaxed place where everyone seam to have their own style.

I could have spent a few weeks just wondering the streets of Copenhagen, enjoying the vibe of Scandinavia at it’s best.

streets-of-copenhagen_07streets-of-copenhagen_06streets-of-copenhagen_12streets-of-copenhagen_03streets-of-copenhagen_01shopping_copenhagen_01 streets-of-copenhagen_02 shopping_copenhagen_02Copenhagen_03Copenhagen_02streets-of-copenhagen_08

Puerto de Mogán – Grand Canaria

Puerto de Mogán - Grand Canaria

Puerto de Mogán

Welcome to Puerto de Mogán, the “Little Venice” of Grand Canaria..

During these gray times, I find it important to remember that warmer days are coming. Actually I was really fortunate to spend a week in Grand Canaria during the month of January and this was really a true life saver. One of those days when it looked like rain was coming, we decided to jump in a taxi and see what Puerto de Mogán had to offer in terms of shopping. While waiting for the taxi to arrive, we got our picture taken just outside the hotel reception.

I have actually been to the exact same place 2 years ago and it’s even more lovely the second time around. Puerto de Mogán is a very charming fishing village that carries the nickname “Little Venice”. The marina ties together with canals and walking around there you see pretty much everything from beach life to grumpy old guys disputing over a game of chess.

Although the idea was to go shopping, we ended up having a little dessert before our dinner at the marina. Even though there are plenty of hotels in Mogán, this is still a place that feels like home to many. Sure we crossed tourists like our selves but what you notice in Mogán is everything else. The lovely view of the sea and mountains, the amazing architecture surrounding the marina and the vibe of the locals meeting up in their corners of the town to pursue the evening.

Port_of_Mogan_02Port_of_Mogan_Grand_Canari_Island_05Grand Canaria ArchitectureMogan_Grand_Canaria_02Port_of_Mogan_Grand_Canari_Island_06Mogan_Grand_Canaria_01Flowers_Grand_Canaria_01Port_of_Mogan_Grand_Canari_Island_07Puerto de Mogán - Grand Canaria - by La petite ninaPort_Mogan_01Port_of_Mogan_01Port_of_Mogan_Grand_Canari_Island_04

Patty Smith & “Just Kids”

Patty Smith Autobiography "Just Kids"

Patty Smith

Her autobiography “Just Kids” have opened my eyes for Patty Smith..

I wanted to tell you about it the other evening but I will do it now. I Think that at least for my generation, the book “Just Kids” comes just in the good moment. It’s funny how well I know the name Patty Smith, without knowing anything about her. I am sure that I have heard her music, but I would not be able to sing you a single tune if you asked me. When I am reading her book though, I feel as if she has sent me a personal invitation to her personal sphere and I am honored to have passed a few hours there.

It all started at the airport in Stockholm where we landed to sleep for a night before to continue to our holiday destination, Grand Canary Island. I love to take the opportunity to read, once I am on holiday and that’s why I was determined to find a book that would suit my idea about holiday reading. After the breakfast I rushed to the “pocket shop” but my mind was focused on books that I wished that I hadn’t already reed. The woman who was working the morning shift noticed my desperate and stressed search so she came to offer her assistance. After I presented her my early morning dilemma, she purposed me a few options, first the titles that I wish I could have un-reed somehow. After these unfortunate attempts to help me, she picked up “Just Kids” together with 2 or 3 other titles, but I decided to pick this one and then I rushed to get some water for the 6 hour flight that was ahead.

This story is about Patty Smith’s autobiography “Just Kids” but that’s about as far as I will go in terms of revealing any content in this private sphere. If you have a chance to go there, I certainly hope that you will recognize some of your own disasters and moments of clarity described with pure and clear writing.

If you are looking for what to read, the best and most inspirational reading and best book of the year is to me clearly “Just Kids” by Patty Smith.

Military style - Miss SmithPatty - Long black dressP-SmithPatty Smith - Tom-boy lookPatty - style

Bulgarian handcrafts – pictures from traveling


Bulgarian handcrafts with a lot of charm

These pictures of Bulgarian handcrafts where taken a few years back on a trip to Bulgaria

This was a charming little shop for Bulgarian handcrafts that I passed one night on the way to the old town. I love the colors and the beautiful materials. The shop it self was very inspiring as it was both the shop and the artists atelier. It was located just a few meters from the sea, with fishing boats resting along the sidewalk. I could not imagine a more perfect place to work. The sound of the water and the warm air that allows you to have only 3 walls in your working space. The artist who was making the leather pieces had her chair in the middle of the road outside the shop. There she was sitting and working on the latest piece unless a customer caught her attention.

Bulgarian_Handcrafts_03 Bulgarian_Handcrafts_02Bulgarian_Handcrafts_04 Bulgarian_Handcrafts_05 Bulgarian_Handcrafts_06 Bulgarian_Handcrafts_07

Bourgogne France – Our summer holidays in Oyé


This summer we spent a week in Bourgogne France

Us two with the kids and my parents discovered this lovely region and enjoyed every moment of it..

We drove with the kids from Bruxelles and joined my parents in Luxembourg. From there we joined roads and enjoyed the lovely country side all the way to Oyé in Bourgogne. I remember when the GPS told us that we had 5 km left to our destination. We opened all the windows in the car that was rolling at 50 km/h. The warm air was overwhelming with a sweet and subtile sent of fresh baked bread. I will never forget this.. As we drove the final half hour with our windows down, we kept our eyes open with much curiosity to spot the house that we would live i for the coming week. The house was wonderful, full of charm and all the comfort you could ask for. The two gardens gave to the street and to the back, with a view of the Bourgogne landscape. My favorite came to be the front garden with wild roses, old stones and lovely garden furniture. We spent a wonderful week in Oyé. Most of the time in the back yard swimming pool, but also in the surrounding towns and villages. Bourgogne France was truly a wonderful place and if you enjoy wine, you will find your self at the right place. The Bourgogne red wines are much like Pinot Noir wine, light and fruity but very interesting. As you can see, we took pictures of wine grapes growing wild in our parking lot.. Lovely holidays, I hope to come back one day!
Bourgogne_franceBourgogne_france_country_sideBourgogne_france_country_side_cows frensh-cows-in-fieldOld_House-in-Oyé_franceGarden_Oyé_france Garden_franceGarden_Oyé_france_02Garden_Oyé_france_03Private_outdoor_pool_france_02Private_outdoor_pool_france Us_two_having_apero Wine_grapes_france_bourgogneRed_wine_bourgogne_france My_parents_walking_at_dawn

Steel poetry – Train photography from Svartöbrinken in Luleå


Steel poetry and Train Photography

Photography taken from Svartöbrinken in Luleå, Sweden.

Svartöbrinken in Luleå is home to 4 icebreakers and old railway and fabrics. This area is perfect the way it is, the old and rusty blending with nature in perfect harmony. The old LKAB buildings seams to be part of the landscape and nature does what it want’s. This is one of my favorite place to find beauty, peace and inspiration. The fact that it’s located in my hometown is fantastic. I love to come here when I am visiting, summer as winter. This place always has something special to tell me.

Ice_breakers_Sweden_01Isbrytare_svartöbrinken_Luleå_03LKAB_LuleåLuleå_LIKAB_Sweden_03Train photographyGamla_malmhamn_LKAB_Luleå_02old_railwayLKAB_railway_luleåOld_railway_old_trains_08Train photographyTrain photographyGamla_malmhamn_LKAB_Luleå_svartöbrinken_03Gamla_malmhamn_LKAB_Luleå_svartöbrinken_06Isbrytare_svartöbrinken_Luleå_04Luleå_Svartöstan_01

Autumn in Sweden, a confusing season in between flowers and snow


Autumn in Sweden

The surprising month of october..

I am spending a few days in the northern part of the country I really enjoy the beautiful colors and the fresh autumn air, as well as changes that are happening from one day to another. October is one of the most beautiful months up here and there is no better time for me to come here and spend some days with family. I love the area where my parents live since it’s basically old wooden houses everywhere and the river is passing just below.

Autumn_in_sweden_october_01 Swedish_old_wooden_houses_architecture_03 Swedish_old_wooden_houses_architecture_04 Swedish_old_wooden_houses_architecture_06 Autumn_in_sweden_october_02 Swedish_old_wooden_houses_architecture_01 Swedish_old_wooden_houses_architecture_02 Interior_decoration_sweden_ittala_02 Interior_decoration_sweden_02 Autumn_in_sweden_october_first_snow_03 Autumn_in_sweden_october_first_snow_02 Autumn_in_sweden_october_first_snow_01

Travel to Cuba

A story about a travel to Cuba..


Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan

I imagine Cuba looking just like this. The beautiful streets of Havana with houses full of history and romantic stories. This is truly my dream destination at the moment and I would love to experience Cuban music, culture and walk these streets with my own camera…

I would love to walk this colorful and harmonious street..
Walk by a house and see people in daily life, doing what they always do when I am not there to see.
Being in the right place at the right time, just to see some young dancers performing.
Find a market somewhere that sells books in a language that is unknown to me.
Join them in a game, while the sound of the city is playing it’s music in the background.
Make some friends and get invited to someones home..
These lovely buildings, do they even exist in real?
Is it really so simple to enjoy music.. just walking around and passing musicians playing together.
I imagine being in this street corner and the sound of the voices and old cars passing.
Lovely houses full of life..
Amazing architecture, full of romance and history.
A beautiful sky will end this dream.

A story from the Belgium Countryside

Belgium Countryside

A story told with images from the Belgium countryside..

One of the most beautiful places I have visited so far.. a lovely nature place full of amazing old architecture in the Belgium countryside.

Not far from Ath, a small town in Belgium, you will find this amazing place. It’s full of beautiful nature and wild animals. It’s true that it’s in fact a kind of zoo.. but I made nature the focus in these pictures. This is indeed a beautiful country and I discover it as the years go by. One of the most amazing things is the lovely architecture. I have never seen anything like it before..

light-blue-clody-sky Belgium Countryside butterfly old-well Tree-in-water And änder old-stone-stair Belgium Countryside old-tower

Train day – Going from Bruxelles to Ath

Train day - waiting for the train

Train day in Belgium

Going from Bruxelles to Ath by train..

A train day in Belgium. One sunny late summer day, we decided to have a little travel. Going from Bruxelles to Ath by train is quite pleasant. I love taking the train, seeing the city from another perspective and later arriving to the lovely Belgium countryside. This is a perfect country to travel by train and it’s quite small as well so you can get anywhere you wanna go within a few hours. A day like this gives some distance to the everyday life and you see things a little bit differently afterwards..

The best time to travel is the weekend. The tickets are cheaper and you are free to travel the whole country for no price at all. Belgium has many great cities to visit, Antwerp, Gent and many more. Be sure to take the train next time you are in Belgium.

looking out the window Train day - on the train