The Concert Shoe




It’s certainly not a new shoe, nor is it the nicest one.. but one thing is sure, it’s a loved one. Perhaps the concert shoe only has to blend in with your outfit to work for you. It could be the highlight of your look but let’s face it, you want to be able to enjoy your evening on your feet so comfort is important. This concert is clearly vintage inspired and the shoes are too. Some of them more real than others..

If I have learned one thing is that high heels do not belong in a concert, at least not if you are in the audience. You have to be ready to keep your balance and if you wanna dance, you don’t want your feet to keep you from having fun..

The-concert-shoe_01 The-concert-shoe_03 The-concert-shoe_05 The-concert-shoe_02 The-stage-shoe_01 The-stage-shoe_02 The-stage-shoe_03

Steel poetry – Train photography from Svartöbrinken in Luleå


Steel poetry and Train Photography

Photography taken from Svartöbrinken in Luleå, Sweden.

Svartöbrinken in Luleå is home to 4 icebreakers and old railway and fabrics. This area is perfect the way it is, the old and rusty blending with nature in perfect harmony. The old LKAB buildings seams to be part of the landscape and nature does what it want’s. This is one of my favorite place to find beauty, peace and inspiration. The fact that it’s located in my hometown is fantastic. I love to come here when I am visiting, summer as winter. This place always has something special to tell me.

Ice_breakers_Sweden_01Isbrytare_svartöbrinken_Luleå_03LKAB_LuleåLuleå_LIKAB_Sweden_03Train photographyGamla_malmhamn_LKAB_Luleå_02old_railwayLKAB_railway_luleåOld_railway_old_trains_08Train photographyTrain photographyGamla_malmhamn_LKAB_Luleå_svartöbrinken_03Gamla_malmhamn_LKAB_Luleå_svartöbrinken_06Isbrytare_svartöbrinken_Luleå_04Luleå_Svartöstan_01

A story from the Belgium Countryside

Belgium Countryside

A story told with images from the Belgium countryside..

One of the most beautiful places I have visited so far.. a lovely nature place full of amazing old architecture in the Belgium countryside.

Not far from Ath, a small town in Belgium, you will find this amazing place. It’s full of beautiful nature and wild animals. It’s true that it’s in fact a kind of zoo.. but I made nature the focus in these pictures. This is indeed a beautiful country and I discover it as the years go by. One of the most amazing things is the lovely architecture. I have never seen anything like it before..

light-blue-clody-sky Belgium Countryside butterfly old-well Tree-in-water And änder old-stone-stair Belgium Countryside old-tower

A Summer evening

As I start to long for the summer, I thought of an evening from last year. Since I never did anything with these images.. why not place them here in anticipation for more of evenings like this one..
Bruxelles Saint-Gilles
Bruxelles Saint-Gilles
Parvis de Saint-Gilles
Parvis de Saint-Gilles
Portrait of my love
Portrait of my love
Portrait of me
Portrait of me
Us two
Us two

The world is this..

The world is this, right here with me. What I understand is the local weather.. todays light rain and high grey sky, the sound of the neighbors moving furniture with a motor driven lift. The reality is my skin, the eyes that watch me in the mirror and the questions in my mind. The thought of wanting to understand someone who is very different, someone who does not think like me.

I am happy for the people who I could embrace this morning, and I am happy that we meet again when our days have played out.. I am curious to hear about their experience. I wonder what the expectations could be for others, what they wish a day to bring and what will make a person look back and smile to the thought of the events that came along the timeline.

I was scared today, I was also light and able to do different choices that made me feel in control of my body. It´s still early so much can happen..

My monday

Monday and my mind is in a pleasant state

I love this tickling feeling.. trying to put it into use. I have decided to write on something to capture the atmosphere..