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The Concert Shoe

Posted: 25/11/2013 | No Comments

BLACK, BROWN OR WHITE, HEEL OR NOT, HERE IT IS.. It’s certainly not a new shoe, nor is it the nicest one.. but one thing is sure, it’s a loved one.

A Summer evening

Posted: 16/03/2013 | No Comments

As I start to long for the summer, I thought of an evening from last year. Since I never did anything with these images.. why not place them here in anticipation for more of evenings like this one..  

The world is this..

Posted: 13/07/2012 | No Comments

The world is this, right here with me. What I understand is the local weather.. todays light rain and high grey sky, the sound of the neighbors moving furniture with a motor driven lift. The reality is my skin, the

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My monday

Posted: 05/12/2011 | No Comments

Monday and my mind is in a pleasant state I love this tickling feeling.. trying to put it into use. I have decided to write on something to capture the atmosphere..

Friends with Ray-Ban’s

Posted: 01/11/2011 | No Comments

Sometimes you notice that not only are they very cool looking.. but also great in most other ways The Ray-Ban´s are available on my Etsy-shop! The performance artist is currently not for sale..