Le Jardin Botanique en Bruxelles



Le Jardin Botanique, a friday walk in city nature..

A few phone calls concerning a walk in le jardin botanique and then a door opens.. A few smiles followed by a few what..what.. what?.. no, nothing. We take the road, picking some water from the corner shop and take the tram 92 that brings us all the way to the upper part of the jardin botanique.

What a lovely garden but it’s a shame that you hear the noise of the street. We look at the ducks and later we notice that the have made a bee keep in between the trees and bushes. It’s funny, once I wished that there would be no more bees in the world, and now I don’t mind them so much. The road takes us from the top to the middle where we make a quick detour for administrative reasons.

Entering the lower part of jardin botanique we take a look at the fishes and the thoughts start wandering off. We have a conversation about falling in to water that you are not supposed to be in, for health reasons. Later we talk about nature reserves and water falls and we compare some experiences from France and Sweden. We look once again at the fishes that are alive and swimming around in the center of Brussels and then we take the road again..

Tree_01 la-petite-nina_01 Le_Jardin_Botanique_01 Lotus_02 Frog_01

La Frenésié – Vintage Interior Design & Decor


La Frénésie – Vintage Interior Design & Decor

A furniture & design-shop where Caroline Moreau has created her own vintage paradise..

The newly opened shop La Frenésié is located next to the popular vintage market Marché aux puces in Bruxelles. It’s a place where you can find vintage interior design furniture and decor, as well as flowers and outdoor plants.

The owner Caroline Moreau is originally from France but based in Bruxelles since a long time where she lives with her man and their 2 kids. In her shop she has managed to create her own little paradise where she has gathered all the things that she loves. Stepping in to La Frénésie is like traveling to the 50’s, except for the space it self which is fresh and light and simply a perfect canvas for all the beautiful furniture and cute little objects.

Caroline collects and renovates vintage interior design pieces that she sells in her shop. She also repaints decor that she combines with fresh flower arrangements. At the moment you will find bright pastels and fresh colors that suits perfect for summer.

Before she started her own shop, Caroline was working as a florist. This is something that she decided to take with her. In between that and opening her shop, she was unemployed for a couple of years. This period was crucial, she tells me. This is when she finally decided to realize the dream that she had since a long time. During meetings and brainstormings with other people in search of their next career move, Caroline gradually started to shape her dream in to a reality.

When I get up in the morning, it never really feels like I am going to work because I always look forward to being in the shop..”

Working is now a pleasure for Caroline and the area around the market offers a lot of social interaction between the different shop owners. The market is full of visitors during the weekends but in the week the tempo is calm and it let’s her the time she needs to work on renovations and other arrangements. Caroline has succeeded to combine all the things that she loves in her shop. Since there are so many different things to work with, the job stays interesting and exciting.

When she is not working with the shop, she is devoted to music which is another one of her passions. She sings in the Rockabilly band “The Saint-Gillbillies” and their records are sold in her shop. The band is a group of friends who share the love for rockabilly/country/surf music. During the summer they play live at several locations. If you like that kind of music, make sure to check out the band page for upcoming concerts.

“I have never been happier..”

Caroline is a woman who lives her 50’s image and she happily invites the visitors in to her universe at La frénésie. The shop is not that different from her home that’s also filled with vintage interior design but she has now found her very own space where she decorates and rearranges as she pleases. When she finds a break in her day, she can simply sit down next to her flowers and look out over the market and chat with friends passing by..

For more style and inspiration you can follow Caroline on Pinterest. Also check out her facebook page for shop updates and special events!

vintage interior design - La frenesieVintage_objects_03Flowers_02La-frenesie_013La-frenesie_09 La-frenesie_010 shop_view_La_Frenesie_03 shop_view_La_Frenesie_01La-frenesie_02VIntage_objects_03 VIntage_objects_02VIntage_objects_04 Colors_patterns_01Vintage_objects_08 La-frenesie_015 vintage_chairs_01 Colors_patterns_04vintage_chairs_02 La-frenesie_06 La-frenesie_07 flowers_02 Colors_patterns_02VIntage_objects_01 Vintage_postcards_01 La-frenesie_04flowers_01La-frenesie_011 La-frenesie_012 La-frenesie_014 Vintage_bottles_02 La_frenesie

Visit La Frénésie

The shop is located on 67 Place du Jue de Balles, 1000 Bruxelles.

Many People come to Place du Jeu de Balles during the weekend to dig trough the vintage market and listen to live music. It’s a meeting point for “les Bruxellois” and well oriented visitors who are looking for unique design furniture and deco, as well as clothing and accessories.

La Frénésie is open from Thursday – Sunday, 10:00 – 18:00.

Vintage Treasuries at Modes


Vintage Treasuries at Modes

An afternoon of hunting vintage treasuries..

This afternoon I met up with my friend Johanna at Modes to look for vintage treasuries. The sun was out and since it’s “fete de la musique” in Bruxelles, there was music playing a bit everywhere around town.

When I arrived to Modes, Johanna was already diving in to the rows of lovely dresses and as I was not really looking for anything special I just walked around the shop while she was in the fitting-rooms. Suddenly I saw it, the answer to the dilemma of having to find a new bag to replace my beloved but tired old Delvaux-bag. It was the exact same bag that I was wearing, a vintage Delvaux that looked brand new. Everyone working in the shop was a stunned as I was and it was clear that it was my lucky day..

After my success at Modes, me and Johanna enjoyed a nice walk and later we sat down to have a coffee and to listen to some music. All together a lovely afternoon!

Modes_03 Modes_05 Modes_04

Electric Blue Sky

Electric blue sky



As I am walking the streets of Bruxelles, I can’t help but to notice the electric blue sky and the wonderful light. Everything feels magical and kind of different than the normal.

Perhaps it’s the start of something new or the end of something old. Any way, it feels welcoming and a slight change makes everything look brand new.

I find this time of year quite bizarre.. Even if you are not too much of Christmas freak, somehow you still loose the sense of normal daily life. Then when the holidays are over you suddenly find your self in your place, as if someone picked you up and put you down on a spot that you hardly recognize.

At the moment I am finding my self quite lost and i feel curious to look around and make the turn of the surrounding.

shadowstreetlightrooftopstree_sky_streethousewalkingTree_skylight-on-groundelectric blue sky and Bruxelles streetTree_stoneground

The Ramirez Brothers Live in Bruxelles

The Ramirez Brothers live in Bruxelles



♫ ♪ The Ramirez Brothers – Kama Sutra

Thursday nights at Bar du Matin is concert night and this time it’s the Israeli band The Ramirez Brothers who take the stage. Their music is often turning in our home so when we heard that the band was coming together in Bruxelles to play, we were really happy. The concert was fantastic and the mood was on top. Since two of the band members live in Israel, it’s not everyday the band gets the chance to play together. During this Bruxelles visit, they played two concerts and I was there to see them both.

If you have not yet discovered their music, this will certainly be a pleasant surprise..

Make sure to check out their band page for news about concerts and album releases.


Walvis – Bruxelles Bar

Walvis - Bruxelles Bar



If you walk Rue Antoine Dansaert until you reach the canal, you will find Walvis. In the corner building, this bar is like a ship ready to sail in to Molenbeek. The windows give a view in tree directions and even though it’s very open, the inside of the bar is cosy and warm.

This is one of the first places that I started going to when I moved to Bruxelles 10 years ago, and it still looks exactly the same.

The bar is located close to many of Bruxelles big dance theaters and therefore it attracts a lot of dancers and other artists. The crowd is quite mixed and the atmosphere is usually quite lively.

On this particular thursday before closing hours and last trams, it was a quiet corner to enjoy a glass of wine after dinner in town..

Bruxelles Bar Bar in Bruxelles in Bruxelles Bruxelles Bar

In our garden and around our back yard

Welcome to our garden!

A few nigh’s ago we have captured our garden from all angles and selected the ones that we like the most. I am each day so happy that we actually chose this apartment almost 4 years ago. It’s also the longest I have lived in one place since the age of 9.. green
In the middle of the garden we have a huge tree that is very happy and in good health..
Around we see some lovely roof top’s
.. and small cute balconies
There are white houses, in contrast whit old bricks
as well as old factories rebuilt to apartments and lofts.
On out wall we have some green’s growing ..
On the roof top terrace, the birds find their spot to enjoy the view.
The plant’s are growing on the walls..
as well as in the walls.
The balcony next to us is lovely..
and the leaves are green.
The house next to ours is peach and adorable..
and the plants grow wild.
This little friend is living with us since 3 years and seams happy about it.
This is the simple view from where we are situated..

The Saint-Gillbillies at Old Oak

The Saint-Gillbillies played at the Old Oak in Bruxelles and it was a gig to remember..

Matt Graves
Matt Graves at the double base, slapping with texan rhythm.

The Saint-Gillbillies had plenty of new songs that they played for the first time and they were performed with great energy. Even though the audience where half busy with following some football game, they still succeeded to get their attention thanks to the female persuasion of Caro.. As the group was setting up for the gig, I succeeded to get some nice group pictures of them.

The Saint-Gillbillies
Benny boy entertaining the female voices, Flo and Caro
Lucky at the drums
Lucky unpacking the drums
Mr Slick
Mr Slick’s Record Hop takes a break to play with the band.
Matt Graves
The singer is warming up to entertain
Old Oak Bruxelles
Preparing for group pictures outside the Old Oak in Bruxelles.
Caro is dressed to the night in bright polka dot’s

Visit their facebook page here..

Spring Night Out in Bruxelles

night out in Bruxelles

A night out in Bruxelles

It was a lovely night out in Bruxelles, full of talking and laughing..

One of those spring nights out, full of joyful conversations and lovely music..

♫ ♪ Georges Brassens – Les amoureux des bancs publics

We enjoying the atmosphere of the place. We met new people, we had interesting things to talk about and in the background, the music was perfectly suited for the occasion.

The bar that we went to is called chez parrain and it’s located close to Horta in Sanit-Gilles. It’s a lovely little Brasserie by Ive and Anne. If you have a chance to go, you should pass by and enjoy the friendly atmosphere and the nice music.

old-stairs night out in Bruxellesnight out in Bruxelles at-the-table doll man-in-bar dog-Morice Ive and Anne