Bienvenue Chez Serge Hologne

Serge Hologne - actor - comedian

Bienvenue Chez Serge Hologne

The Actor, the Comedian,the Musician, the Union Bhoy

♫ ♪ Serge Hologne – 3615 rough

Serge Hologne is an artist living in Saint-gilles, Bruxelles. He is an actor, a musician, a painter, and a devoted union bhoy. I am happy to welcome you in to his home..

Stepping in to your home, I get a strong feeling of the one living here. It’s very personal and filled with character. Do you think that your home reflects you?

Probably.. as any appartment normaly reflects the person who lives there. It’s true that it can look particular as it’s filled with objects. People who visit me sometimes say that it’s like a museum and they ‘re not completly wrong. I tend to collect things, like old toys for example, mostly little cars “Dinky toys”. Most of them used to belong to my dad when he was a kid.

You seam to be drawn to vintage, retro and odd objects.. 

It’s true that I’ve always been interested in all that stuff we call “vintage”. It’s a word that I don’t especially like as it is used in fashion.. ( why should I be the only one allowed to love things from the past? ) but yes, I particulary like de 50’s design.

I see a lot of old photos in golden frames and funny postcards all over you place. Where do you find these things?

I go to the flea market several times a week, mostly just before it’s closing. By then all the sellers really prefer to sell things for one euro and get rid of as much as possible, instead of packing everything up and carry it back. That’s the perfect time for buying stuff that might have ended up broken and abandoned on the ground or in the garbage. Sometimes I’m attracted by one of those old frames with, as you said, pictures of people that more than probably are dead today. When I  hang them on my wall, it’s like they were part of my own family, even if I have no idea who they were. I like the idea that they are hung side by side, even if one has nothing to do with the other. In a way it’s also sad to see pictures abandonned on the ground, ( I can’t buy all of them ) as they are traces of moments of life.

What about your own style, in terms of clothing etc.. Is this an image that you are conscious about when you get dresses in the morning?

No. I don’t think I have a particular style. My only thing is that I always wear shirts and pull over’s of a certain brand, but it comes from a long time ago. I wanted to wear it because it was associated (and still is) with the music I was listening to at the time ( rocksteady – roots reggae ). I still wear the same brand because I’m used to it and I still like that kind of music, but for me it’s more of a habit than a conscious choice.

Let’s talk a bit about your work.. How do you deal with being a freelance artist? Do you have good self diciplin?

I consider my work as an actor as my main activity.. so I’m depending on what I’m offered as work. It’s not really up to me to decide when I work, but I do my best to make myself known by the film directors. I check websites everyday for casting announcements and I’m referenced in casting agencies. Most of my work at the moment is acting in advertising which it is sometimes interesting. They are short movies after all and I earn a living doing it. I would like to work much more often than I do!

Working with music and drawing.. no, I don’t have good self discipline, but I consider those stuff more like hobbies.

Tell me about you as the singer Eddy Tornado. How and when did that start?

Eddy Tornado is defenetly a character( as in comic strip ) that I played. It was interesting for saying things without being responsable for, because it wasn’t serge Hologne, in a way. In the beginnig I knew that he was going to be a rock’n roll singer. The idea was to make him sing things in french on surf music, and to compose lyrics that people wouldn’t know how to interpret .. ” Is it serious? or is he kidding?” between first and second degree. Eventually, even I didn’t know sometimes.

I started to make concert of what I used to call “karaoké surf’n roll” (understand that I used to sing on instrumental surf records, in bars). Then somebody told me how nice it would be if Eddy Tornado would play with a band, which he later did. The band was called Eddy Tornado et Les Scandaleux. After 5 years of great moments, I got a bit bored with the style of music that we were playing and that was it.

I kept the name Eddy Tornado for starting a new “career” as a comedian and played a one man show for three years.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on a musical solo project. I’m not sure its gonna last. There’s also another musical band we’re starting, called MORSE. It sounds like shoegazing.

What’s up next for you?

I’m playing live with my solo project and I’m acting in a short movie. It’s called ” Le zombie au vélo” by Christophe Bourdon. It’s kind of a parody (and tribute at the same time) of movies by the Dardenne brothers. Besides that, I’m waiting for news from a casting that I made for a french movie. If I get it, I will be working on that in September.

What about football and the club l’Union.. It seams to take up a lot of your time and focus?

Yes, it’s the club of my heart. I discovered it by a hazard.. 15 years ago during a walk in parc Duden here in Saint-Gilles. I was with a friend and we heard the sound of a football match somewhere close by. So we had a look trough the trees and asked the people next to us what team it was. The next game, we decided to have a look from inside the stadium … and since then, we never quit being Union supporters.

Visit Serge at

Playing_guitar_02Interior_01 Playing_guitar_03Dinky_Toys_01Flipper_01 Retro_vespa_helmet_01Eddy-Tornado_013Playing_guitar_01 Records_01Serge_hologne_01 Esso_01Serge_hologne_02Old_frames_01 Old_photography_03Deco_01 Decor_02Old_frames_02Vintage_vespa_01 Old_frames_03Vintage_football_02 Vintage_football_01Odd_objects_01 Old_photography_02Decor_03

La Frenésié – Vintage Interior Design & Decor


La Frénésie – Vintage Interior Design & Decor

A furniture & design-shop where Caroline Moreau has created her own vintage paradise..

The newly opened shop La Frenésié is located next to the popular vintage market Marché aux puces in Bruxelles. It’s a place where you can find vintage interior design furniture and decor, as well as flowers and outdoor plants.

The owner Caroline Moreau is originally from France but based in Bruxelles since a long time where she lives with her man and their 2 kids. In her shop she has managed to create her own little paradise where she has gathered all the things that she loves. Stepping in to La Frénésie is like traveling to the 50’s, except for the space it self which is fresh and light and simply a perfect canvas for all the beautiful furniture and cute little objects.

Caroline collects and renovates vintage interior design pieces that she sells in her shop. She also repaints decor that she combines with fresh flower arrangements. At the moment you will find bright pastels and fresh colors that suits perfect for summer.

Before she started her own shop, Caroline was working as a florist. This is something that she decided to take with her. In between that and opening her shop, she was unemployed for a couple of years. This period was crucial, she tells me. This is when she finally decided to realize the dream that she had since a long time. During meetings and brainstormings with other people in search of their next career move, Caroline gradually started to shape her dream in to a reality.

When I get up in the morning, it never really feels like I am going to work because I always look forward to being in the shop..”

Working is now a pleasure for Caroline and the area around the market offers a lot of social interaction between the different shop owners. The market is full of visitors during the weekends but in the week the tempo is calm and it let’s her the time she needs to work on renovations and other arrangements. Caroline has succeeded to combine all the things that she loves in her shop. Since there are so many different things to work with, the job stays interesting and exciting.

When she is not working with the shop, she is devoted to music which is another one of her passions. She sings in the Rockabilly band “The Saint-Gillbillies” and their records are sold in her shop. The band is a group of friends who share the love for rockabilly/country/surf music. During the summer they play live at several locations. If you like that kind of music, make sure to check out the band page for upcoming concerts.

“I have never been happier..”

Caroline is a woman who lives her 50’s image and she happily invites the visitors in to her universe at La frénésie. The shop is not that different from her home that’s also filled with vintage interior design but she has now found her very own space where she decorates and rearranges as she pleases. When she finds a break in her day, she can simply sit down next to her flowers and look out over the market and chat with friends passing by..

For more style and inspiration you can follow Caroline on Pinterest. Also check out her facebook page for shop updates and special events!

vintage interior design - La frenesieVintage_objects_03Flowers_02La-frenesie_013La-frenesie_09 La-frenesie_010 shop_view_La_Frenesie_03 shop_view_La_Frenesie_01La-frenesie_02VIntage_objects_03 VIntage_objects_02VIntage_objects_04 Colors_patterns_01Vintage_objects_08 La-frenesie_015 vintage_chairs_01 Colors_patterns_04vintage_chairs_02 La-frenesie_06 La-frenesie_07 flowers_02 Colors_patterns_02VIntage_objects_01 Vintage_postcards_01 La-frenesie_04flowers_01La-frenesie_011 La-frenesie_012 La-frenesie_014 Vintage_bottles_02 La_frenesie

Visit La Frénésie

The shop is located on 67 Place du Jue de Balles, 1000 Bruxelles.

Many People come to Place du Jeu de Balles during the weekend to dig trough the vintage market and listen to live music. It’s a meeting point for “les Bruxellois” and well oriented visitors who are looking for unique design furniture and deco, as well as clothing and accessories.

La Frénésie is open from Thursday – Sunday, 10:00 – 18:00.

Midsummer Flowers


Midsummer Flowers

Everything that is blooming at the moment..

Midsummer flowers and celebrations is what today is all about. Today is the day we swedes celebrate midsummer and I thought that it’s a great day to notice things that are blooming around me.

I just recently came back to Bruxelles after a few weeks of holidays and now that I have landed a bit, I have had the time to visit some markets and spend some time walking around the neighborhood. Yesterday I went to pick up a nice bouquet of roses in the little flower shop not far from home. It’s always nice to have some flowers at home to brighten up the day and they smell so good too.

The sundays here in Bruxelles is a great day to visit markets. I went to “Jue de Balle” and I found a lovely floral print vintage fabric from the 40’s that will be perfect for a summer dress. At the side of the market, a friend of mine has opened a shop called La Frenesie where she is selling furniture and pretty little objects for the home. All of the shop is filled with treasuries from the 50’s that she reworks and renovates with a very personal touch.

I wish you all a nice midsummer!


Todays_outfit_01Vintage_fabricMidsummer flowersLa_frenesieTodays_outfit_03

Christmas Begins Today – 1st of December

christmas lights



♫ ♪ The Ramirez Brothers – I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

For all of us who love christmas and who still becomes a child when it’s time for the 1st of December, it’s officially the time to open the first door in the christmas calendar.

It’s the time to play good christmas music on the stereo while making little funny stuff like putting carnations in oranges for the right christmas scent and wrapping the early christmas gifts.

While I do really love this time of year, I am not really in to christmas decorations. The only things that I do care about is having some cosy christmas lights in the apartment and a smells that reminds me of my childhood. I light up candles a bit everywhere and enjoy this month that for me is a kind of break in the year. In a way it’s more relaxing than the summer holidays because you know that it’s cold outside and you might as well stay home with a glass of glue wine in front of a nice movie with the ones you love..


Home Decor – Etsy Finds

Vintage photo stone by Augenblickphoto



As we are approaching the holidays, I wanted to share some of my favorite home decor. These are all great christmas gifts for any one. When the times of holiday decorations are over and your home goes back to normal, it’s always nice to have some beautiful new decorations to look at. These are all gift ideas that are useful all year long and I have selected a neutral theme, with a unique and personal touch.

When decoration your home, I like to think that everything should be there for a purpose. It’s not the case with everything, but most of the items in your home can very well be useful and beautiful at the same time. Functional home decor so to say..

All of the pieces that I selected here can be found on online. Click on an image to go to that specific Etsy-shop.

Happy holidays and happy gift shopping!

Ceramic coasters by Tilissimo Knitted blanket by AndyVeErin Candle holders by hooknloopdesign Mustache necklace by JujuTreasures Basket by jennarosehandmade Fly to - paper print by thePhotoZoo Coaster set by ArtisEverything

Home and Closet Visit at Anne-Maria’s


Home and closet visit at Anne-Maria’s..

Welcome to Anne-Maria’s lovely home, a place where flowers come to bloom..

As soon as you step foot in the door you realize that this is a home where flowers come to bloom. The home is in a lovely old industrial building that has been remade in to apartments. She lives here together with her boyfriend and they met in Bruxelles just a couple of years ago. Since then, they have lived for a year in Dublin since her boyfriend is form Ireland and they just recently moved back to town. Anne-Maria is a good friend of mine so I am truly happy that she is living 5 minutes away.

Anne-Maria is born in Finland, in a small town called Kankaanpää. She visits her hometown when she goes back to Finland since her mother still lives there. She studied art in North Karelia, a town in the north of Finland, close to Russia. The art studies also brought her to St. Petersburg and Paris before she got her degree. She says that living in all these different places has opened up new sides in her and that it’s something that she will always carry with her. After her art degree, she moved to Bruxelles and got her business degree. Since then, she has worked and lived here.

I am really happy to feature her and her lovely home and I hope you will enjoy the visit..

Jackets_shoes_01 Old_wooden_desks_01 vintage-table-with-leather-chair_01 Fabric-and-patterns hallway_deco_01 Kitchen_01


Welcome to the kitchen..

The kitchen is a place where she spends a lot of time being creative. Anne-Maria is a vegetarian and has been for as long as she can remember. Weekends are spent in the markets, shopping for fresh bio vegetables for the week. When I visit her, she has just returned from the bio market with her boyfriend and she makes me a lovely lunch salad with bio fries.

We talk about creativity and inspiration and she tells me that she really enjoys the kitchen for exactly that reason. It’s a great way to let your creativity flow and it’s always nice to make the meal look as beautiful as it tastes. With her full time day job, it’s sometimes difficult to take on big projects in the free time. She loves art’s and crafts but at the same time she enjoys it as a hobby. In this way, she does not feel pressured in her creativity.

Kitchen_02 Kitchen---marimekko_01 Kitchen-terrace Beautiful-old-livingroom_01

Living room

The spacious living room is nicely furnished with vintage finds and new design pieces. Many of the furniture are found in second hand shops for no price at all. Still the room looks and feel very luxurious. Anne-Maria is just like me, a big fan of candles. The classic Finnish Ittala candle holders are placed in the center of the room, giving the space a cosy and warm atmosphere..

This kind of architecture is very difficult to find in the scandinavian countries. The high ceilings and the beautiful wood floors is a dream for a creative person like Anne-Maria, who loves interior design.

drift-wood-deco Beautiful-old-livingroom_04 Candles_ittala_02 Candles_ittala_01 Beautiful-old-livingroom_02 Beautiful-old-livingroom_03 window_white-curtains


Let’s have a look at the small but charming bathroom..

This space is really well decorated and I love the calm and southing feeling that you get when you step in here. The beautiful stones and decorative wood piece, along with the natural light flowing in from the garden, really makes this simple bathroom a dream space. Who would not wanna have a beauty day in here..

Orkide_02 Drift-wood-deco_01 Old-radiator_01 Stones_01 Kimono_dress_wall_deco_01


The simple bedroom is just above the hall entrance. We take the stair up from the kitchen to have a look..

This space has only the necessary elements of a bedroom. A futon bed, two nightstands with soft light and and that’s about it. Simple and beautiful! Waking up in the morning you have the view of the garden and the morning light coming in through the light white curtains..

Light_01 futon-bed white-robe_01 blue-coat_la-petite-nina


Last but not least, we took a dive in to her closet. Overfull with designer dresses and vintage treasuries, she found some favorites to share with us. Funny enough, she pulled out a collection of little black dresses, as if she knew that it was my favorites as well..

Anne-Maria has been involved with fashion in many ways. She has worked as a model in Finland and later as Assistant Designer for a Finnish designer in Paris. She also makes her own clothing designs and she loves to shop for fabrics, as well as designer clothing and vintage shoes and accessories.

As it’s autumn, we have a look at her newest purchase, a lovely black coat from 5th Avenue Shoe Repair. The blue coat that she is wearing is one of my new designs that Anne-Maria laid her eyes on at my place. It will soon be available to order in my shop..

Heels_dresses_jackets_01 Heels_01Coat-V-ave-shoe-repair_01black-dressesshoes_01blue-coat_la-petite-nina_01Jewelry_01Jewelry_02Jewelry_03Jewelry_04Home-outfit_knitted-socks-and-sweater_01

Thank you Anne-Maria for showing us your home!

Anne-Marias blog 3rooms+kitchen is a great lifestyle blog full of beauty and inspiration. Make sure to check it out!

Single Apartments that I once lived in..

Stockholm-Single Apartments

Some of the lovely single apartments that I once lived in..

I found some old pictures while I was visiting my parents in Sweden and I decided to share some of them with you..

The first pictures are from a single apartment in Stockholm, where I lived briefly before moving to Bruxelles. I spent a few nights there when I was visiting Stockholm over the past years. It was quite lovely actually. I remember the bathroom fondly. It had one of those old and charming shower handles that you hang on a hook.. The other pictures are from my very first apartment in Bruxelles. I have lived in many places here but this was the first place I had to myself. It was not of the highest standard and there was only one heater for two rooms and kitchen. The toilet was in the public stairs and the shower in the kitchen. Still it turned out quite great and I had some nice times there. What I loved most about it was the view from the living-room window where you could see the rooftops of all Bruxelles. It’s really nice to see the old pictures but in the end I am really happy that I live where I live today. It’s the best place so far..
Stockholm-Apartment_02 Stockholm-Apartment_hallway Bruxelles-Single Apartments Bruxelles-Single Apartments_kitchen Bruxelles-Apartment_livingroom Bruxelles-Apartment

Autumn in Sweden, a confusing season in between flowers and snow


Autumn in Sweden

The surprising month of october..

I am spending a few days in the northern part of the country I really enjoy the beautiful colors and the fresh autumn air, as well as changes that are happening from one day to another. October is one of the most beautiful months up here and there is no better time for me to come here and spend some days with family. I love the area where my parents live since it’s basically old wooden houses everywhere and the river is passing just below.

Autumn_in_sweden_october_01 Swedish_old_wooden_houses_architecture_03 Swedish_old_wooden_houses_architecture_04 Swedish_old_wooden_houses_architecture_06 Autumn_in_sweden_october_02 Swedish_old_wooden_houses_architecture_01 Swedish_old_wooden_houses_architecture_02 Interior_decoration_sweden_ittala_02 Interior_decoration_sweden_02 Autumn_in_sweden_october_first_snow_03 Autumn_in_sweden_october_first_snow_02 Autumn_in_sweden_october_first_snow_01

In our garden and around our back yard

Welcome to our garden!

A few nigh’s ago we have captured our garden from all angles and selected the ones that we like the most. I am each day so happy that we actually chose this apartment almost 4 years ago. It’s also the longest I have lived in one place since the age of 9.. green
In the middle of the garden we have a huge tree that is very happy and in good health..
Around we see some lovely roof top’s
.. and small cute balconies
There are white houses, in contrast whit old bricks
as well as old factories rebuilt to apartments and lofts.
On out wall we have some green’s growing ..
On the roof top terrace, the birds find their spot to enjoy the view.
The plant’s are growing on the walls..
as well as in the walls.
The balcony next to us is lovely..
and the leaves are green.
The house next to ours is peach and adorable..
and the plants grow wild.
This little friend is living with us since 3 years and seams happy about it.
This is the simple view from where we are situated..

Flowers Flowers Flowers


Flowers Flowers flowers

Spring is finally here and I love the smell of all the flowers in blossom…

At the moment, we are working in our garden and I find it a perfect moment to get some inspiration. Flowers Flowers flowers and more flowers. The day is full of sunlight and birds are singing. I am listening to soft music and enjoying the first days of having the garden-door open.. It could not be more pleasant than this. I have selected a few great photos to share with you. Springtime for everyone..