Le Jardin Botanique en Bruxelles



Le Jardin Botanique, a friday walk in city nature..

A few phone calls concerning a walk in le jardin botanique and then a door opens.. A few smiles followed by a few what..what.. what?.. no, nothing. We take the road, picking some water from the corner shop and take the tram 92 that brings us all the way to the upper part of the jardin botanique.

What a lovely garden but it’s a shame that you hear the noise of the street. We look at the ducks and later we notice that the have made a bee keep in between the trees and bushes. It’s funny, once I wished that there would be no more bees in the world, and now I don’t mind them so much. The road takes us from the top to the middle where we make a quick detour for administrative reasons.

Entering the lower part of jardin botanique we take a look at the fishes and the thoughts start wandering off. We have a conversation about falling in to water that you are not supposed to be in, for health reasons. Later we talk about nature reserves and water falls and we compare some experiences from France and Sweden. We look once again at the fishes that are alive and swimming around in the center of Brussels and then we take the road again..

Tree_01 la-petite-nina_01 Le_Jardin_Botanique_01 Lotus_02 Frog_01

Making a wedding dress

making a wedding dress

Making a wedding dress

A special dress is even more special if you make it your self..

Making a wedding dress is a very special thing and it’s probably the most important dress that you will ever wear. My good friend Ammeri got married to her man Barry a few weeks ago. After their lovely wedding, it’s finally time to share a special moment of preparation before the big day.

Ammeri loves handcrafts and putting her creative mind to work so she decided to make her own wedding dress out of a lovley old dress that was hanging in her closet. The dress had a beautiful fabric and a unique style but it needed a few changes in order to fit for the occasion. The skirt part of the dress was already beautiful but the top was not quite fitting correctly and the fabric was a little bit to tired to really live up to such a special day.

Ammeri asked me for help to think of a new top design that would blend in with the skirt and after a few attempts, she was able to create a perfect pattern in silk that she could decorate with cut out’s on the shoulders.

On the wedding day, she was a beautiful bride in her handmade wedding dress and many guests where stunned by her beautiful work. She even found time to make a tie for her groom and small decorative accessories for the grooms men. In the end, handmade gives a personal touch to an event like this.

Ammeri was not the only one who worked hard to ad the personal touch. Her mother who came all the way form Finland to be at the wedding had been working on her own surprise. When the guests had enjoyed a fantastic dinner at a local bio restaurant, we all received a bag to take home and in the bag was a pair of hand knitted socks, one pair for each guest. This was certainly a memorable touch on a memorable day.

A lovely wedding experience and many beautiful memories. All the best to Ammeri and Barry and loads of happy times to come their way..

making_a_wedding_dress_05_1making_a_wedding_dress_07making_a_wedding_dress_03 making_a_wedding_dress_05 making_a_wedding_dress_01 making_a_wedding_dress_04 making_a_wedding_dress_02



Vintage Treasuries at Modes


Vintage Treasuries at Modes

An afternoon of hunting vintage treasuries..

This afternoon I met up with my friend Johanna at Modes to look for vintage treasuries. The sun was out and since it’s “fete de la musique” in Bruxelles, there was music playing a bit everywhere around town.

When I arrived to Modes, Johanna was already diving in to the rows of lovely dresses and as I was not really looking for anything special I just walked around the shop while she was in the fitting-rooms. Suddenly I saw it, the answer to the dilemma of having to find a new bag to replace my beloved but tired old Delvaux-bag. It was the exact same bag that I was wearing, a vintage Delvaux that looked brand new. Everyone working in the shop was a stunned as I was and it was clear that it was my lucky day..

After my success at Modes, me and Johanna enjoyed a nice walk and later we sat down to have a coffee and to listen to some music. All together a lovely afternoon!

Modes_03 Modes_05 Modes_04

Electric Blue Sky

Electric blue sky



As I am walking the streets of Bruxelles, I can’t help but to notice the electric blue sky and the wonderful light. Everything feels magical and kind of different than the normal.

Perhaps it’s the start of something new or the end of something old. Any way, it feels welcoming and a slight change makes everything look brand new.

I find this time of year quite bizarre.. Even if you are not too much of Christmas freak, somehow you still loose the sense of normal daily life. Then when the holidays are over you suddenly find your self in your place, as if someone picked you up and put you down on a spot that you hardly recognize.

At the moment I am finding my self quite lost and i feel curious to look around and make the turn of the surrounding.

shadowstreetlightrooftopstree_sky_streethousewalkingTree_skylight-on-groundelectric blue sky and Bruxelles streetTree_stoneground

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays



What better way to start of happy holidays then to jump for joy. Soon it’s time to put work aside and spend some quality time with family and friends. As this period is usually the most stressful time of the year it’s nice to know that it’s over very soon and the fun begins.

I have almost done all of my christmas shopping. The gift wrapping is one of my favorite things to do for christmas. I play some nice christmas music and try to come up with a creative theme for how the gifts will be wrapped.

For christmas, I always like to keep it warm and cosy inside with loads of candles. Therefor it’s nice to wear something a little bit lighter inside. Here is a black party look that works for those of us who can turn up the heat. If you are lucky enough to have a working fireplace at home.. make sure to gather some wood and keep the fire going for the coming days.

Happy holidays everyone!


Faded memories of Lucia celebrations

Lucia Celebration - December 13 in Sweden



Old photographies from christmas times passed. I feel very sentimental going through the pictures from childhood christmases together with family at my grandparents house in Korpilombolo, Sweden.

Their home was always a magical place to be during christmas. The days where dark as the nigh and the stars and moonlight shared their light. High snow created imaginary lands to play and everything seamed possible. Reality and fantasy was all woven together in to one truth.

During the holiday, our families came together in the house of my grandparents and me and my cousins played together day and night. Our times together in Korpilombolo will be remembered forever.


Christmas Begins Today – 1st of December

christmas lights



♫ ♪ The Ramirez Brothers – I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

For all of us who love christmas and who still becomes a child when it’s time for the 1st of December, it’s officially the time to open the first door in the christmas calendar.

It’s the time to play good christmas music on the stereo while making little funny stuff like putting carnations in oranges for the right christmas scent and wrapping the early christmas gifts.

While I do really love this time of year, I am not really in to christmas decorations. The only things that I do care about is having some cosy christmas lights in the apartment and a smells that reminds me of my childhood. I light up candles a bit everywhere and enjoy this month that for me is a kind of break in the year. In a way it’s more relaxing than the summer holidays because you know that it’s cold outside and you might as well stay home with a glass of glue wine in front of a nice movie with the ones you love..


Sunday Tea and Girl Talk


Sunday tea and girl talk

We had sunday tea and girl talk all day long..

A lovely sunday spent with my bonus daughter at my good friend Anne-Marias lovely home. While the boy’s spent their sunday supporting the local football team, we had a cosy sunday, talking about creativity, life and dreams of the future.

Sometimes a day with the girls is very welcome and it gave me a lot of inspiration and new ideas. I had my camera with me to take some pictures of the apartment and her favorite dresses. I will be posting a feature on Anne-Maria the coming week so keep your eyes open. Her home and closet is well wort a visit! As this sunday is coming to an end, I feel calm and happy with the day and I hope you had a lovely sunday too..


The evening before your birthday


The evening before your birthday..

We decided to spend your last evening as a 30 year old with some nice music, some nice wine and a camera to capture the moment.

It was truly one of those nights to remember and it’s nice to have some pictures to be able to look back on it. We tried to learn some swedish and we listened to Cornelis Vreeswijk. I think you will love it once your swedish improves a bit more. In the end, we went to bed before midnight and the evening was ended before the official birthday. We celebrated it the day after though.