Puerto de Mogán – Grand Canaria

Puerto de Mogán - Grand Canaria

Puerto de Mogán

Welcome to Puerto de Mogán, the “Little Venice” of Grand Canaria..

During these gray times, I find it important to remember that warmer days are coming. Actually I was really fortunate to spend a week in Grand Canaria during the month of January and this was really a true life saver. One of those days when it looked like rain was coming, we decided to jump in a taxi and see what Puerto de Mogán had to offer in terms of shopping. While waiting for the taxi to arrive, we got our picture taken just outside the hotel reception.

I have actually been to the exact same place 2 years ago and it’s even more lovely the second time around. Puerto de Mogán is a very charming fishing village that carries the nickname “Little Venice”. The marina ties together with canals and walking around there you see pretty much everything from beach life to grumpy old guys disputing over a game of chess.

Although the idea was to go shopping, we ended up having a little dessert before our dinner at the marina. Even though there are plenty of hotels in Mogán, this is still a place that feels like home to many. Sure we crossed tourists like our selves but what you notice in Mogán is everything else. The lovely view of the sea and mountains, the amazing architecture surrounding the marina and the vibe of the locals meeting up in their corners of the town to pursue the evening.

Port_of_Mogan_02Port_of_Mogan_Grand_Canari_Island_05Grand Canaria ArchitectureMogan_Grand_Canaria_02Port_of_Mogan_Grand_Canari_Island_06Mogan_Grand_Canaria_01Flowers_Grand_Canaria_01Port_of_Mogan_Grand_Canari_Island_07Puerto de Mogán - Grand Canaria - by La petite ninaPort_Mogan_01Port_of_Mogan_01Port_of_Mogan_Grand_Canari_Island_04

Patty Smith & “Just Kids”

Patty Smith Autobiography "Just Kids"

Patty Smith

Her autobiography “Just Kids” have opened my eyes for Patty Smith..

I wanted to tell you about it the other evening but I will do it now. I Think that at least for my generation, the book “Just Kids” comes just in the good moment. It’s funny how well I know the name Patty Smith, without knowing anything about her. I am sure that I have heard her music, but I would not be able to sing you a single tune if you asked me. When I am reading her book though, I feel as if she has sent me a personal invitation to her personal sphere and I am honored to have passed a few hours there.

It all started at the airport in Stockholm where we landed to sleep for a night before to continue to our holiday destination, Grand Canary Island. I love to take the opportunity to read, once I am on holiday and that’s why I was determined to find a book that would suit my idea about holiday reading. After the breakfast I rushed to the “pocket shop” but my mind was focused on books that I wished that I hadn’t already reed. The woman who was working the morning shift noticed my desperate and stressed search so she came to offer her assistance. After I presented her my early morning dilemma, she purposed me a few options, first the titles that I wish I could have un-reed somehow. After these unfortunate attempts to help me, she picked up “Just Kids” together with 2 or 3 other titles, but I decided to pick this one and then I rushed to get some water for the 6 hour flight that was ahead.

This story is about Patty Smith’s autobiography “Just Kids” but that’s about as far as I will go in terms of revealing any content in this private sphere. If you have a chance to go there, I certainly hope that you will recognize some of your own disasters and moments of clarity described with pure and clear writing.

If you are looking for what to read, the best and most inspirational reading and best book of the year is to me clearly “Just Kids” by Patty Smith.

Military style - Miss SmithPatty - Long black dressP-SmithPatty Smith - Tom-boy lookPatty - style

Maxi Dress & Blazer Outfit

Maxi dress outfit

Maxi dress outfit

News in my wardrobe.. Maxi dress outfit paired with a long blazer

Today has been about catching up, with work, with the home and whit my self. After one weeks holiday in a sunny Grand Canaria, I feel rested and ready to wait and prepare for spring. Before to leave we had been wise enough to clean and arrange the apartment so stepping in through the door was quite pleasant. Still after 4 years in the same place I always find our home so beautiful.

As I said, today was about catching up with work, home and my self. We have succeeded to fill up the fridge with food and to heat up our home but still the body is going through a rough transition from summer to winter in just a few hours. My skin is drying up and my nose started to run as soon as I stepped out of the plane.

Before the holiday, I had started some early work to transfer gently towards the coming spring. Today I have been busy with a photo-shoot all morning and in the afternoon I have gone through the pictures and prepared a few for my Etsy-shop. Today I have listed 5 new pieces, 2 skirts, 2 sweaters and one dress.

The maxi dress outfit paired with the long cotton blazer is the look that I have to purpose today. I find it wonderful to wear a comfortable and relaxed dress, layered with a blazer. The full length dress is perfect for both summer days and winter cold.

How was your day?


Blazer: One of a kind cotton blazer by La petite nina

Maxi Dress: Striped jersey maxi dress by La petite nina

Boots: 50th Anniversary Limited edition black leather boots made in Italy by Alberto Fermani


Bauhaus – The early days



Back to the very beginning of the Bauhaus..

I have always been drawn to the aesthetics of Bauhaus designs and art work. I find the designs and the approach to be very natural and basic, much as what I try to achieve with my clothing. I thought that it was time that I took a dive in to the subject. To share with you a bit of the history that I have discovered, I have decided to show you some works from the first artists and teachers. Amongst them you will find painter Paul Klee, expressionist painter and caricaturist Lyonel Feininger and designer and sculptor Oskar Schlemmer.

The school was founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar in 1919 as a merger of the Grand Ducal School of Arts and Crafts and the Weimar Academy of Fine Art. One of the main objectives of the Bauhaus was to unify art, craft, and technology. This approach was incorporated into the school curriculum.

Even before the Nazis came to power in Germany, the political pressure was difficult for the school. Nearly from the start, the Nazi movement denounced Bauhaus for its “degenerate art”and they were determined to break it down due to the foreign, probably Jewish influences of “cosmopolitan modernism.” Bauhaus was pressured to close in April 1933. Many of the artists involved with the Bauhaus fled, or were exiled by the Nazi regime and therefor succeeded to spread the ideas around the world.

The Bauhaus had a major impact on art and architecture trends in Western Europe, the United States, Canada and Israel, including the “New Bauhaus” of Chicago.

In 2004, Tel Aviv was added to the list of world heritage sites by the UN due to its abundance of Bauhaus architecture.



Electric Blue Sky

Electric blue sky



As I am walking the streets of Bruxelles, I can’t help but to notice the electric blue sky and the wonderful light. Everything feels magical and kind of different than the normal.

Perhaps it’s the start of something new or the end of something old. Any way, it feels welcoming and a slight change makes everything look brand new.

I find this time of year quite bizarre.. Even if you are not too much of Christmas freak, somehow you still loose the sense of normal daily life. Then when the holidays are over you suddenly find your self in your place, as if someone picked you up and put you down on a spot that you hardly recognize.

At the moment I am finding my self quite lost and i feel curious to look around and make the turn of the surrounding.

shadowstreetlightrooftopstree_sky_streethousewalkingTree_skylight-on-groundelectric blue sky and Bruxelles streetTree_stoneground

Winter Salad – Dinner inspiration

Winter salad - dinner inspiration by La petite nina



I love making salads and to create a plate that not only tastes great but looks beautiful as well. Here I have made a winter salad for two. The parma ham goes great with a glass of red wine.

If your are looking for some alternatives this christmas, this salad is a great option and it’s easy to make.

You will need the following:

Green salad, small tomatoes, cucumber, black olives, cashew nuts, feta cheese, parma ham, toast, artichokes and grilled squash.

Bon Appetit!

dinner salad for twowinter salad with parmasalade with parma ham

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays



What better way to start of happy holidays then to jump for joy. Soon it’s time to put work aside and spend some quality time with family and friends. As this period is usually the most stressful time of the year it’s nice to know that it’s over very soon and the fun begins.

I have almost done all of my christmas shopping. The gift wrapping is one of my favorite things to do for christmas. I play some nice christmas music and try to come up with a creative theme for how the gifts will be wrapped.

For christmas, I always like to keep it warm and cosy inside with loads of candles. Therefor it’s nice to wear something a little bit lighter inside. Here is a black party look that works for those of us who can turn up the heat. If you are lucky enough to have a working fireplace at home.. make sure to gather some wood and keep the fire going for the coming days.

Happy holidays everyone!


Faded memories of Lucia celebrations

Lucia Celebration - December 13 in Sweden



Old photographies from christmas times passed. I feel very sentimental going through the pictures from childhood christmases together with family at my grandparents house in Korpilombolo, Sweden.

Their home was always a magical place to be during christmas. The days where dark as the nigh and the stars and moonlight shared their light. High snow created imaginary lands to play and everything seamed possible. Reality and fantasy was all woven together in to one truth.

During the holiday, our families came together in the house of my grandparents and me and my cousins played together day and night. Our times together in Korpilombolo will be remembered forever.


The Ramirez Brothers Live in Bruxelles

The Ramirez Brothers live in Bruxelles



♫ ♪ The Ramirez Brothers – Kama Sutra

Thursday nights at Bar du Matin is concert night and this time it’s the Israeli band The Ramirez Brothers who take the stage. Their music is often turning in our home so when we heard that the band was coming together in Bruxelles to play, we were really happy. The concert was fantastic and the mood was on top. Since two of the band members live in Israel, it’s not everyday the band gets the chance to play together. During this Bruxelles visit, they played two concerts and I was there to see them both.

If you have not yet discovered their music, this will certainly be a pleasant surprise..

Make sure to check out their band page for news about concerts and album releases.


Todays Outfit – Vintage Floral Skirt

Vintage Floral Skirt



♫ ♪ Sarah Vaughan – Somewhere Over The Rainbow

A little feminine Monday outfit for the cold days. A lovely vintage floral skirt, paired with a light knitted sweater and vintage leather boots.

Even if the temperature drops and the days grow darker, you can still brighten up the day with some flowers and lighter colors. I love this a-line shaped skirt with a looser top. It’s feminine but still it has a relaxed feeling with a bohemian touch.

All of these pieces are vintage finds that I have been lucky to come across in city-markets in Bruxelles.