Bulgarian handcrafts – pictures from traveling


Bulgarian handcrafts with a lot of charm

These pictures of Bulgarian handcrafts where taken a few years back on a trip to Bulgaria

This was a charming little shop for Bulgarian handcrafts that I passed one night on the way to the old town. I love the colors and the beautiful materials. The shop it self was very inspiring as it was both the shop and the artists atelier. It was located just a few meters from the sea, with fishing boats resting along the sidewalk.
I could not imagine a more perfect place to work. The sound of the water and the warm air that allows you to have only 3 walls in your working space. The artist who was making the leather pieces had her chair in the middle of the road outside the shop. There she was sitting and working on the latest piece unless a customer caught her attention.

Bulgarian_Handcrafts_03 Bulgarian_Handcrafts_02Bulgarian_Handcrafts_04 Bulgarian_Handcrafts_05 Bulgarian_Handcrafts_06 Bulgarian_Handcrafts_07

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