It’s certainly not a new shoe, nor is it the nicest one.. but one thing is sure, it’s a loved one.

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skirt set, item of the month



Item of the month is something that I introduced on my Etsy-shop a few months back. I have decided to make this a permanent promotion with a different item every month. During December, you will be able to order this lovely black skirt set. It’s a handmade skirt set in black silk crepe de chine. The pleated knee length skirt has a high fitted waist and the silk top has a straight cut with a rounded neckline and half sleeves.

This Skirt Set can be ordered here. Please keep in mind that you can custom order your item based on your measurements.


If you walk Rue Antoine Dansaert until you reach the canal, you will find Walvis. In the corner building, this bar is like a ship ready to sail in to Molenbeek. The windows give a view in tree directions and even though it’s very open, the inside of the bar is cosy and warm.

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Welcome to Anne-Maria’s lovely home, a place where flowers come to bloom..

As soon as you step foot in the door you realize that this is a home where flowers come to bloom. The home is in a lovely old industrial building that has been remade in to apartments.

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Bulgarian handcrafts with a lot of charm

These pictures of Bulgarian handcrafts where taken a few years back on a trip to Bulgaria

This was a charming little shop for Bulgarian handcrafts that I passed one night on the way to the old town. I love the colors and the beautiful materials. The shop it self was very inspiring as it was both the shop and the artists atelier. It was located just a few meters from the sea, with fishing boats resting along the sidewalk.
I could not imagine a more perfect place to work. The sound of the water and the warm air that allows you to have only 3 walls in your working space. The artist who was making the leather pieces had her chair in the middle of the road outside the shop. There she was sitting and working on the latest piece unless a customer caught her attention.

Bulgarian_Handcrafts_03 Bulgarian_Handcrafts_02Bulgarian_Handcrafts_04 Bulgarian_Handcrafts_05 Bulgarian_Handcrafts_06 Bulgarian_Handcrafts_07


Todays outfit and todays inspiration

Todays outfit and some inspiration for autumn..

Todays outfit is an autumn look for with much thought of comfort and a little fun as well. I also wanted to share my favorite tune at the moment. It’s Duke Ellington – Chloe. A perfect piece of music for inspiration and creativity.The book I wanted to recommend is What I talk talk about when I talk about running, by Haruki Murakami. It’s a very inspiring and personal story about the writers running habits and how he organizes his life and his routines around physical exercise and writing. Todays outfit is: Jeans by G-Star, Boots by Dr Martens, Black top by Åhléns, Floral top by La petite nina.

Todays-Outfit-November_06 Todays-Outfit-November_05 Todays-Outfit-November_02 Todays-Outfit-November_07 Todays-Outfit-November_03 Todays-Outfit-November_04


Maternity skirt outfit

This maternity skirt outfit is a long skirt with elastic waist paired with a racerback silk top

I gave this maternity skirt as a gift to my beautiful pregnant cousin. She is carrying her second child and was looking for some comfortable clothing that could work during the pregnancy. This maternity skirt is perfect throughout the whole pregnancy and after the pregnancy it’s simply a long skirt. In the photos, she is wearing the long skirt together with a racerback silk top. Shop the look online. Shop the look online. You can find the skirt here, and the racerback silk top here.

Black-Maternity-skirt-long-skirt-handmade-by-la-petite-nina-04 Black-Maternity-skirt-long-skirt-handmade-by-la-petite-nina-09 Black-Maternity-skirt-long-skirt-handmade-by-la-petite-nina-03Black-Maternity-skirt-long-skirt-handmade-by-la-petite-nina-05Black-Maternity-skirt-long-skirt-handmade-by-la-petite-nina-08Black-Maternity-skirt-long-skirt-handmade-by-la-petite-nina-06Black-Maternity-skirt-long-skirt-handmade-by-la-petite-nina02


Autumn outfit with a fitted pencil skirt and layered sweaters

This look is practical and warm with many layers, ideal autumn outfit.

Some autumn outfit ideas from my handmade clothes. Here I have chosen a fitted pencil skirt together with a silk blouse and a cotton knit sweater. Paired with flat boots and black leggings, this is a perfect outfit for the colder days coming. I find that layering pieces is a great option for keeping warm. If you go inside, it’s always easy to peal off a few layers. Shop the look online here. All pieces in this look are available to order through my Etsy-shop. You can choose to custom order your skirt,top or sweater, based on your measurements. All of my clothing are handmade in Belgium and ships worldwide. Happy autumn!

Pencil-skirt-outfit-for-autumn_05 Pencil-skirt-outfit-for-autumn_02 Pencil-skirt-outfit-for-autumn_08 Pencil-skirt-outfit-for-autumn_04 Pencil-skirt-outfit-for-autumn_03 Pencil-skirt-outfit-for-autumn_06 Pencil-skirt-outfit-for-autumn_07


This summer we spent a week in Bourgogne France

Us two with the kids and my parents discovered this lovely region and enjoyed every moment of it..

We drove with the kids from Bruxelles and joined my parents in Luxembourg. From there we joined roads and enjoyed the lovely country side all the way to Oyé in Bourgogne. I remember when the GPS told us that we had 5 km left to our destination. We opened all the windows in the car that was rolling at 50 km/h. The warm air was overwhelming with a sweet and subtile sent of fresh baked bread. I will never forget this.. As we drove the final half hour with our windows down, we kept our eyes open with much curiosity to spot the house that we would live i for the coming week. The house was wonderful, full of charm and all the comfort you could ask for. The two gardens gave to the street and to the back, with a view of the Bourgogne landscape. My favorite came to be the front garden with wild roses, old stones and lovely garden furniture. We spent a wonderful week in Oyé. Most of the time in the back yard swimming pool, but also in the surrounding towns and villages. Bourgogne France was truly a wonderful place and if you enjoy wine, you will find your self at the right place. The Bourgogne red wines are much like Pinot Noir wine, light and fruity but very interesting. As you can see, we took pictures of wine grapes growing wild in our parking lot.. Lovely holidays, I hope to come back one day!

Bourgogne_franceBourgogne_france_country_sideBourgogne_france_country_side_cows frensh-cows-in-fieldOld_House-in-Oyé_franceGarden_Oyé_france Garden_franceGarden_Oyé_france_02Garden_Oyé_france_03Private_outdoor_pool_france_02Private_outdoor_pool_france Us_two_having_apero Wine_grapes_france_bourgogneRed_wine_bourgogne_france My_parents_walking_at_dawn