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Serge Hologne - actor - comedian

The Actor, the Comedian,the Musician, the Union Bhoy

Serge Hologne is an artist living in Saint-gilles, Bruxelles. He is an actor, a musician, a painter, and a devoted union bhoy. I am happy to welcome you in to his home..

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Stepping in to your home, I get a strong feeling of the one living here. It’s very personal and filled with character. Do you think that your home reflects you?

Probably.. as any appartment normaly reflects the person who lives there. It’s true that it can look particular as it’s filled with objects. People who visit me sometimes say that it’s like a museum and they ‘re not completly wrong. I tend to collect things, like old toys for example, mostly little cars “Dinky toys”. Most of them used to belong to my dad when he was a kid.

You seam to be drawn to vintage, retro and odd objects.. 

It’s true that I’ve always been interested in all that stuff we call “vintage”. It’s a word that I don’t especially like as it is used in fashion.. ( why should I be the only one allowed to love things from the past? ) but yes, I particulary like de 50’s design.

I see a lot of old photos in golden frames and funny postcards all over you place. Where do you find these things?

I go to the flea market several times a week, mostly just before it’s closing. By then all the sellers really prefer to sell things for one euro and get rid of as much as possible, instead of packing everything up and carry it back. That’s the perfect time for buying stuff that might have ended up broken and abandoned on the ground or in the garbage. Sometimes I’m attracted by one of those old frames with, as you said, pictures of people that more than probably are dead today. When I  hang them on my wall, it’s like they were part of my own family, even if I have no idea who they were. I like the idea that they are hung side by side, even if one has nothing to do with the other. In a way it’s also sad to see pictures abandonned on the ground, ( I can’t buy all of them ) as they are traces of moments of life.

What about your own style, in terms of clothing etc.. Is this an image that you are conscious about when you get dresses in the morning?

No. I don’t think I have a particular style. My only thing is that I always wear shirts and pull over’s of a certain brand, but it comes from a long time ago. I wanted to wear it because it was associated (and still is) with the music I was listening to at the time ( rocksteady – roots reggae ). I still wear the same brand because I’m used to it and I still like that kind of music, but for me it’s more of a habit than a conscious choice.

Let’s talk a bit about your work.. How do you deal with being a freelance artist? Do you have good self diciplin?

I consider my work as an actor as my main activity.. so I’m depending on what I’m offered as work. It’s not really up to me to decide when I work, but I do my best to make myself known by the film directors. I check websites everyday for casting announcements and I’m referenced in casting agencies. Most of my work at the moment is acting in advertising which it is sometimes interesting. They are short movies after all and I earn a living doing it. I would like to work much more often than I do!

Working with music and drawing.. no, I don’t have good self discipline, but I consider those stuff more like hobbies.

Tell me about you as the singer Eddy Tornado. How and when did that start?

Eddy Tornado is defenetly a character( as in comic strip ) that I played. It was interesting for saying things without being responsable for, because it wasn’t serge Hologne, in a way. In the beginnig I knew that he was going to be a rock’n roll singer. The idea was to make him sing things in french on surf music, and to compose lyrics that people wouldn’t know how to interpret .. ” Is it serious? or is he kidding?” between first and second degree. Eventually, even I didn’t know sometimes.

I started to make concert of what I used to call “karaoké surf’n roll” (understand that I used to sing on instrumental surf records, in bars). Then somebody told me how nice it would be if Eddy Tornado would play with a band, which he later did. The band was called Eddy Tornado et Les Scandaleux. After 5 years of great moments, I got a bit bored with the style of music that we were playing and that was it.

I kept the name Eddy Tornado for starting a new “career” as a comedian and played a one man show for three years.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on a musical solo project. I’m not sure its gonna last. There’s also another musical band we’re starting, called MORSE. It sounds like shoegazing.

What’s up next for you?

I’m playing live with my solo project and I’m acting in a short movie. It’s called ” Le zombie au vélo” by Christophe Bourdon. It’s kind of a parody (and tribute at the same time) of movies by the Dardenne brothers. Besides that, I’m waiting for news from a casting that I made for a french movie. If I get it, I will be working on that in September.

What about football and the club l’Union.. It seams to take up a lot of your time and focus?

Yes, it’s the club of my heart. I discovered it by a hazard.. 15 years ago during a walk in parc Duden here in Saint-Gilles. I was with a friend and we heard the sound of a football match somewhere close by. So we had a look trough the trees and asked the people next to us what team it was. The next game, we decided to have a look from inside the stadium … and since then, we never quit being Union supporters.

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