Autumn in Sweden, a confusing season in between flowers and snow


Autumn in Sweden

The surprising month of october..

I am spending a few days in the northern part of the country I really enjoy the beautiful colors and the fresh autumn air, as well as changes that are happening from one day to another. October is one of the most beautiful months up here and there is no better time for me to come here and spend some days with family. I love the area where my parents live since it’s basically old wooden houses everywhere and the river is passing just below.

Autumn_in_sweden_october_01 Swedish_old_wooden_houses_architecture_03 Swedish_old_wooden_houses_architecture_04 Swedish_old_wooden_houses_architecture_06 Autumn_in_sweden_october_02 Swedish_old_wooden_houses_architecture_01 Swedish_old_wooden_houses_architecture_02 Interior_decoration_sweden_ittala_02 Interior_decoration_sweden_02 Autumn_in_sweden_october_first_snow_03 Autumn_in_sweden_october_first_snow_02 Autumn_in_sweden_october_first_snow_01

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