Handmade Women’s Clothing by La petite nina

Welcome to La petite nina. Here you will find handmade women’s clothing and inspiration for your wardrobe. All the clothing is handmade in natural fibers and shipped to you free from plastic packaging.

christmas lights

Christmas Begins Today – 1st of December


♫ ♪ The Ramirez Brothers – I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

For all of us who love christmas and who still becomes a child when it’s time for the 1st of December, it’s officially the time to open the first door in the christmas calendar.

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Let's talk about natural soaps babe

Let’s talk about natural soap

All about natural soap and what they are good for.

Natural soaps like savon de Marseille and savon d’Alep are wonderful choices for cleaning but they are also good for your health and wellbeing as well as the environment.

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Home and Closet Visit at Anne-Maria’s

Welcome to Anne-Maria’s lovely home, a place where flowers come to bloom..

As soon as you step foot in the door you realize that this is a home where flowers come to bloom. The home is in a lovely old industrial building that has been remade in to apartments.

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Bauhaus – The early days

Back to the very beginning of the Bauhaus..

I have always been drawn to the aesthetics of Bauhaus designs and art work. I find the designs and the approach to be very natural and basic, much as what I try to achieve with my clothing. I thought that it was time that I took a dive in to the subject.

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black sweetheart dress

Black sweetheart dress

Sleeveless black sweetheart dress, an alternative wedding dress or simply a fun party dress..

Many of the clothing pieces that I have made over the years have been black dresses, but this is the first black sweetheart dress. 

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