Handmade Women’s Clothing by La petite nina

Welcome to La petite nina. Here you will find handmade women’s clothing and inspiration for your wardrobe. All the clothing is handmade in natural fibers and shipped to you free from plastic packaging.

La petite nina is on Plastic-diet

La petite nina has always been concerned with creating clothes from natural fibers. Whit the plastic pollution reaching it’s breakingpoint, plastic diet seams like a good way to go. For a few months, I have been on a plastic diet. This means focusing on creating handmade women’s clothing from natural fibers, such as cotton and silk. It also means shipping responsibly without any plastic packaging. I work hard on cutting plastic from my consumption and to find alternatives that are more sustainable. If you want to start a plastic-diet, you might find good inspiration in this group. In the plastic-diet group we aim to share our improvements with others, in order to inspire. It’s also a platform where we can ask questions and help each other to find better alternatives to the plastic that we use. I hope you get inspired to make a change and perhaps inspire others by your improvements!

Handmade Women's Clothing

Autumn staple pieces

Autumn is arriving and so is the desire to renew the wardrobe. The “knot-top” is a comfortable staple piece, handmade from cotton-jersey. To read more about this item, you can visit the blog-post here. You can also find it on Etsy, along with a few other “best-sellers”. All handmade women’s clothing by La petite nina is created from natural fibers, such as cotton and silk. Because each piece of clothing is made by hand, there is a lot of focus on the quality of each garment. The pieces are made to last, in quality as well as in style.